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Sleek Insurance Agency is an authorised corporate agency for distributing Chubb Insurance.



Reviews on Google, Trusted by 5,000+ businesses


Google Reviews, Trusted by 5,000+ businesses

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Featured Product: Workplace injury compensation insurance

When disaster strikes, is your business prepared to handle the impact? Workplace accidents happen, and your business should have the proper insurance coverage in place.

Secure with Cyber Insurance

Let our experts help protect your business through cyber attacks, data loss and recovery.

Product Liability Insurance

Your product may be perfect, but what if it injures someone? Sleek has got you covered.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

If a client builds a case against you, your business should be prepared to handle the impact.

Directors and Officers Insurance

If your company’s directors come under fire, are you prepared for BAU?

Property (Premises) insurance

Protect the business premises from unexpected incidents that can occur

General liability insurance

As an entrepreneur, you should feel secure knowing you are covered

Safeguard your business with corporate insurance



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Safeguard your business with corporate insurance

What our customers say about Sleek

Easily access documents on the platform. Sleek team has always been very prompt in providing advice.

Tiffany Chen Founder, Techstyle

Highly recommended to anyone starting a company so that they can focus on their product growth.

Aaron Lim Co-founder, Privyr

Sleek has been seamless and easy to use. It is fuss-free and customer service has been really good.

Daniel Ong Co-founder, Mbanq LABS

Sleek stood out to us because of the prompt replies that they gave whenever we needed help.

Mareen Liang Co-founder, Kombynation

    Don't listen to us - listen to our customers.

    Trusted by 5,000+ businesses

    Sleek is rated miles ahead of its competitors in the industry! Our users prefer us because we listen and deliver.



    Reviews on Google

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    There are a lot of things to consider when starting your own business. As an entrepreneur, you would already have the drive and passion to face various challenges, however you’ll need to be able to protect the assets that you have purchased and contributed for your company. Insurance can help you recover as well as prevent massive loss when things go wrong. This includes property losses to items subjected to fire or theft as well as any liability issues that someone could sue or threaten your company for. With correct policies in place, you’ll be able to have a peace of mind with your new role as an entrepreneur.
    Our very own Insurance adviser is able to recommend a liability coverage that is ideal based on the company’s size and industry. The key point is to make sure that you have adequate coverage if something goes wrong. Do share openly with our advisor to have a proper outline about your needs, and the associated costs, to best assist you in making the right decision for your company.

    The cost of insurance are based on a range of factors including:

    The value of the company assets you wish to insure;
    Number of employees;
    Specific risks associated with your industry;
    Your personal risk tolerance and the amount of liability protection you prefer
    Businesses often have to own more than one type of insurance, and your business’ insurance needs may be highly personalised. A knowledgeable Insurance Adviser from Sleek can assist you in finding the right solutions. For some countries, owning business insurance is mandatory. Requirements could also vary based on the type of business you own and the number of employees you have; however, compensation for the workers are required by the law in most countries as well.
    Yes! Developing a strong, professional relationship with your insurance adviser will help you as you watch your business grow over the years. Choose an adviser that is familiar as well as recognise the unique challenges of running a small business and takes the time to understand your specific insurance needs. Sleek advisers will assist in tailoring your insurance policies based on your company’s needs and ensure that you’re covered.
    If your business is a victim of property damage or fire, you’ll have to make sure to report the loss as soon as you possibly can. This will help get your business recover from the loss as quickly as possible. Our advisers at Sleek are able to assure you can get your business back up-and-running as usual.

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    Sleek Insurance Agency is an authorised corporate agency for distributing Chubb Insurance Singapore Limited (“Chubb”) products.