Sustainability starts with us

At Sleek, we believe individuals and businesses must come together to create long-term social and environmental impact.

As the climate crisis becomes more prevalent, it's imperative that we use our businesses for good.

With our carbon conscious activities, it is our commitment to achieve carbon neutrality of our operations today, and become carbon positive by 2030.

Join us in doing good business and doing good, with our business.

Sleek's impact since our start in 2020

Trees Sleek and its clients planted to reforest our ecosystem
Tons of CO2 reduction in our emissions by 2030
Tons of paper saved with SleekSign

Digitization of processes
Since our incorporation in 2017, we have continually built and improved on technologies that provide better user experience, operational efficiency and conserve natural resources.

Sleek is proud to be a paperless organisation and strives to increase environmental advocacy and innovation. Through our in-house developed tool, SleekSign, we’re doing just that.

SleekSign is a free-to-use, legally binding eSignature tool developed by Sleek. Double-win: businesses and users can now digitize for free, and save paper as a result!

We believe in tech for good

Net Zero by 2030 is our goal

Moving toward carbon neutrality
We are part of a larger ecosystem and we recognise the impact we have on the environment. That’s why we’re giving back.

In 2020, we began our partnership with Handprint and Yagasu to plant mangrove trees to absorb our carbon footprint. By 2030, we aim for these trees to absorb all our operating carbon emitted since 2017 and operations to come.

The trees planted support mangrove projects and communities in East Java, Indonesia. Beyond tackling climate change, this project provides locals with employment opportunities and improves biodiversity in the area.

Building communities
We believe that businesses can be a powerful platform and strive to be catalysts for social change. We aim to be a safe and inclusive space for employees, clients, partners alike, to have their voice heard, take action and make a positive impact together.

Join us in multiplying our impact today.

We are committed to people

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