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Exceptional business performance delivered by experienced financial consultants.

Outsourced CFO Services is an important growth lever for SMEs

  • Financial planning to optimise growth, manage cash flow, and make informed decisions.
  • Cashflow management to allocate resources strategically, and drive business growth through optimised budgeting.
  • Streamline operations to improve efficiency, lower costs, and maximise your company’s profits.

Sleek CFO services is the growth partner your business needs

Save time on forecasting, reporting & analysis using Sleek Analytics, which directly integrates with Xero.

Learn from the past to optimise the future, with guidance from your dedicated finance expert.

Peace of mind that your finance expert is keeping an eye on your finances, while you are building your business!

Create financial dashboards and insightful monthly reporting.

Financial expertise at a fraction of the cost of a consultant or an in-house team member.

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Dedicated business partner for business reporting & ongoing performance optimisation


All pricing excludes GST


*includes 2 hours of associated work/emails per quarter



Dedicated finance and strategic partner for business reporting, performance tracking, and future planning


All pricing excludes GST


*includes 2 hours of associated work/emails per month

What our customers say about us

Praveen Dayal

Elite Expertise Pte Ltd

From the very beginning of the process, the team at Sleek was professional, knowledgeable, and highly responsive to all of our needs. If you’re looking for a company that can provide exceptional service in company incorporation, Company Secretary, accounting services and support, look no further than Sleek.

David Verlee

Control Concepts Asia

​​I have been working with Sleek for over 3 years now and could not be happier with the service. They are professional, practical in their approach and cost-effective. Their business model truly works for our company’s needs and I recommend them all the time to my friends and colleagues.

Kai Kono

Spring Digital

Very professional, responsive, and setting up a company was extremely seamless. Highly recommend Sleek to all entrepreneurs and companies setting up in Singapore.

Joshua Chan

Maple Fox Films

Sleek has been an intricate part in starting and running my business. I use them for all my business admin and accounting (Shout out to Carl) needs. They continue to be attentive, efficient, and quick to adapt to my needs.


Here are some common questions from our customers.
If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Sleek recommends these top 10 tips for excellent financial management for small businesses. We think it’s really important that you dedicate time to implementing every one of these, or get support if you don’t have time to.

Ask yourself these 10 questions and reach out for help if you think Sleek CFO Services can support you to build a sustainable business:

  • Do you put aside time each month to fully update, review and understand your financial performance? 
  • Do you fully understand your financial statements and know how to use them to review your financial performance and position? 
  • Do you make the most of financial analysis software to really bring your numbers to life, and help you manage budgeting and forecasting? 
  • Do you have a grip on your current and future cash inflows and outflows, to ensure you’re never caught short, and to ensure you’ve got enough cash to fuel your business plans? 
  • Is your business expenditure fully separated from your personal expenditure, so you’re clear on your businesses distinct financial position?
  • Do you have a financial target/Budget framework in place that aligns with your business goals and defines your plan to grow? 
  • Do you have a financial forecast in place to anticipate and plan for challenges, and to ensure your cash position is sufficient to support your short-term plans? 
  • Do you routinely scrutinise your expenses and pricing, to ensure you are maximising your profitability? 
  • Are you spending too much time on activities that aren’t core to your business, like bookkeeping and financial analysis, distracting you from the activities that will bring in the most money? 
  • Do you think you need help to improve your financial literacy and financial management, to confidently engage with your stakeholders and safeguard the future success of your business?

For a growing business, the cost of a full-time CFO is considerable, and won’t make a good investment. The average CFO salary in Singapore is S$220k per year! Accessing dedicated finance support on a monthly or quarterly basis is an affordable way to bring financial expertise into your business, at a price tag that suits your budget. Sleek’s CFO Services packages start at just S$600 a month.

Depending on your package, you’ll have an hour’s consultation with your CFO on a monthly or quarterly basis. The agenda will be mutually agreed based on what support you need, and what your CFO deems important focus areas. You can always increase the frequency of engagements too, or pay for a one-off additional engagement when the need arises. Additionally, you’ll have 2 hours’ of associated work/emails included each month/quarter, which covers small one-off requests or questions.

You’ll discuss an agenda mutually agreed upon by yourself and your dedicated CFO. Usually, you’ll review your monthly/quarterly performance report together and discuss key insights and actions. Beyond that, the agenda can include anything from decisions you need support on, performance optimisation opportunities identified by your finance partner, building a target framework together or discussing how to close a gap to target.

CFO Services uses Sleek Analytics, which pulls your financial data directly from your accounting software to: 

  • Visualise performance in insightful and interactive charts
  • Report on performance using an intuitive and modern report-building tool
  • Manage the creation & maintenance of budgets & forecasts

CFO Services is for all types of businesses, from brand new businesses looking to get clarity over their financial performance to high growth start-ups looking to implement a strategy to scale and grow sustainably. As long as your business uses Xero, Quickbooks or MYOB as your accounting software, CFO Services is ready to support you

You’ll pay for CFO Services in blocks of 6 months (in advance). In those first 6 months especially, your dedicated CFO will spend a lot of time reviewing your business, building your financial process recommendations, creating report structures and supporting you to create a target framework that aligns with your business goals.

The monthly cost of CFO services is an investment you make in your business, it shouldn’t be considered an expense. It’s an investment you make in: 

  • Supporting revenue & profit growth through creating a tangible target framework and growth strategy
  • Identifying performance optimisation opportunities, with the help of your dedicated finance business partner
  • Your own peace of mind, that someone is keeping an eye on your finances and you are supporting your business to grow and operate sustainably
  • Freeing up your time to focus on growing your business
  • Empowering yourself to understand your finances, manage your business excellently, and confidently engage with stakeholders like the bank and potential investors

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