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Reviews on Google, Trusted by 5,000+ businesses


Google Reviews, Trusted by 5,000+ businesses

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Your modern e-signing solution

Leave paperwork in the past

No more dog-eared documents. We've streamlined the process to make it quick and easy to eSign documents from your preferred device.

Store all your important documents on the cloud and access it anytime, anywhere.
Join thousands of entrepreneurs who use SleekSign for their governance operations.
Track the status of documents for each signatory, and send them reminders on the go.
We believe eSignatures should be available for all!

SleekSign fits your business perfectly

We're the most affordable, flexible, digital signing tool.


$ 0 Monthly
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited signature requests
  • Unlimited templates (soon!)
  • Audit trail
  • Ability to send reminders


USD $ 15 Monthly
  • Pay per user
  • Unlimited signature requests
  • 5 templates
  • Audit trail
  • Ability to send reminders


USD $ 10 Monthly
  • Pay per user
  • Request at USD$5/month
  • Yes, Limited
  • Audit trail
  • Ability to send reminders

Digital signing is easier than ever!



Create an account with us.
Create an account of the Sleek platform to gain unlimited access to our free SleekSign tool.


Upload your document.
Digitize your document and highlight areas that need to be signed.


Sign your document.
This is the easy part – sign your document digitally.


Send your document to other parties.
Send the document to your business partners to sign digitally, too. Track their e-signature progress with real-time visibility.

Digital signing is easier than ever!

What our customers say about Sleek

Easily access documents on the platform. Sleek team has always been very prompt in providing advice.

Tiffany Chen Founder, Techstyle

Highly recommended to anyone starting a company so that they can focus on their product growth.

Aaron Lim Co-founder, Privyr

Sleek has been seamless and easy to use. It is fuss-free and customer service has been really good.

Daniel Ong Co-founder, Mbanq LABS

Sleek stood out to us because of the prompt replies that they gave whenever we needed help.

Mareen Liang Co-founder, Kombynation

    Don't listen to us - listen to our customers.

    Trusted by 5,000+ businesses

    Sleek is rated miles ahead of its competitors in the industry! Our users prefer us because we listen and deliver.



    Reviews on Google

    Do's and Don'ts

    What can you eSign in Singapore?


    Signed digitally?

    Consumer agreements

    Commercial agreements

    Human resource agreements

    IP licenses documents

    Intangible property transfer agreements


    Document of title

    Bills of exchange

    Promissory notes

    Bills of lading

    Warehouse receipts

    Consignment notes

    Declaration of trust or power of attorney

    Contract for the sale / disposition of immovable property

    Negotiable instruments

    Under the Singaporean law, contracts are legally valid if the competent parties reach an agreement – verbally, physically with a document, or electronically.

    A written signature is not required if another requirement is met. Under the Electronic Transaction Act 2011 and Evidence act, digital signature and transaction solutions are valid as proof in court.

    Sales and services terms, software licenses, purchase orders, order confirmations, invoices, shipment documentation.

    Non-disclosure agreements, purchase orders, invoices, procurement contracts, sales/distribution/service agreements

    Non-disclosure agreements, employee invention agreements, privacy notices, Employment contracts, new employee onboarding processes.

    Copyright, patent and trademark

    Except implied, constructive and resulting trusts

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    SleekSign is an electronic signature tool developed by Sleek, a corporate services firm in Singapore and Hong Kong.

    Our initial business being mainly to manage document signatures, and since we were not satisfied by what the solutions available on the market, we have decided to develop our own electronic signature solution and make it available for anyone who needs it.

    We take security very seriously. SleekSign uses a world class security certificate developed by Entrust, and distributed in Singapore by Netrust, Asia’s first public Certification Authority (CA) and the only Accredited CA in Singapore.

    It absolutely is! SleekSign is free to use for your day-to-day business document signing processes.

    SleekSign is free and there is no catch! We hope to help more businesses to switch to paperless forms of agreement/contracts. Go green!

    Easy! Just access our SleekSign app, register and voila! You can then start uploading documents and send them across for signature. At the moment we only accept PDF format, but we will be adding new ones very soon. You may check this short demo video, showing you how to upload and send documents.

    All Sleek clients in Singapore will have the SleekSign feature added to their company dashboard, and with the ability to save directly all files/documents on pre-defined folders.

    Yes! SleekSign is available for anyone globally. Just register and start using it!

    Watch our short demo video, showing you how to effortlessly upload and send documents for e-signature.

    You can use SleekSign for your business administrative tasks like, sending out invoices to sign, employee contracts, NDA, or any other form you need to get a signature from.

    Grow your business to the next level

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