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Sleek was made by entrepreneurs who were sick of second-rate corporate secretaries.

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30D money back
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Unlimited Corporate Secretary

Our corporate secretary plans are built to scale with your business based on the number of shareholders. 

Select your numbers of shareholders: 


Including $60 govt fees


Sleek will assist with the preparation of the relevant resolutions for most share related transactions (excluding all agreements and legal documents).

However, if the transaction is complex in nature, Sleek would require the relevant resolutions to be prepared by lawyers but Sleek will assist with the necessary filings with ACRA as well as the issuance of share certificates.

Some examples of complex transactions would include: share buybacks, restructuring exercises, share swaps, investment rounds, bonus shares issuance, and transactions involving treasury shares/other classes of shares.

Other transactions will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Nominee director

Don’t have a local resident director in Singapore? No problem – use ours! Never miss a deadline. Let us be your compliance autopilot throughout the year.


Nominee director Inclusions:

Due to the non-executive nature and associated liability of the position conditions are:

Note: If your company is already incorporated and you are new to Sleek, you will need to sign up to Sleek’s corporate secretary services (from S$300/year for 1 shareholder)

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Navneet Kaur
Founder & CEO, Yours

“My company admin all managed in one place and I have one point of contact to make it super easy for me to manage it”

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Shivam Mani Tripathi
Co-founder & CTO, Privyr

“I would highly recommend Sleek to any person starting a company, if they do not want to spend a lot of time on registering their company.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

A corporate secretary, or company secretary, is an officer responsible for looking after the administrative work of a company efficiently. He or she is tasked with keeping the operations in accordance with the statutory requirements, regulations and laws in Singapore. It is also the corporate secretary’s responsibility to manage the company’s compliance, and act as a mediator between shareholders and directors. 

In Singapore, a corporate secretary also shares responsibility for certain legal obligations with the directors of the company. If the Secretary finds a breach of the law, he is required to inform the persons concerned so that the matter can be resolved as soon as possible. 

At Sleek we focus on assisting company entrepreneurs to meet the mandatory requirements in Singapore by being their appointed corporate secretary, and provide corporate secretarial services. These include specific services such as company directors/shareholder appointments, resignation/board meetings, compliance duties and the filing of annual returns. This allows entrepreneurs to fully focus on growing their business, without having to worry about other matters.  A corporate secretary is a key role that allows entrepreneurs to develop their business in Singapore quickly while ensuring compliance from a corporate governance point of view. If you would like to know more about a corporate secretary in Singapore, do contact us. 

Before appointing a company secretary for your business, you should be aware of the requirements of a corporate secretary. According to the Companies Act of Singapore, a company secretary must be a resident of Singapore, such as a citizen or a  permanent resident. The secretary must also have the necessary experience, knowledge and qualifications for the position. A company must also appoint a company secretary within 6 months of the date of incorporation.

Sleek was made by entrepreneurs who were tired of second-rate company secretaries. If you’re interested in a corporate secretarial services company that is transparent, efficient, and innovative, get started with us today.

Outsourcing your company’s secretarial duties is a great way to save time and money, especially for foreign entrepreneurs and non-permanent residents living outside of Singapore. The process of registering and up-keeping a company in Singapore can be challenging and time consuming. Sleek facilitates the preparation and the process of incorporation for new companies in Singapore and makes sure that entrepreneurs don’t waste their time on paperwork. 

The role of a company secretary is extremely important. Sleek’s services can help statutory registered companies fulfil the mandatory law requirements by ACRA while saving cost on headcount and potential local office addresses. 

You can trust the Sleek Team to outsource your company’s secretarial duties. Today Sleek has helped more than 2,500+ companies in their entrepreneurial journeys. This has enabled the Sleek Team to gain in-depth knowledge about Singapore corporate governance and associated regulations.

It is mandatory for companies to hire a corporate secretary within 6 months of incorporation as required by ACRA. You should be aware that the Company Secretary must be a resident of Singapore (citizen or permanent resident). His or her responsibilities are to prepare general meetings, maintain the annual requirements for the firm, as well as defining and updating the duties of each shareholder and administrators.  It is therefore advisable to subcontract this service to Sleek if you are a foreigner and wish to set up your business in Singapore.

At Sleek we provide effortless company secretary services in Singapore where we can handle all of your requirements like – ensuring compliance with the company’s Constitution, AGM, annual returns, keeping and maintaining the statutory registers of the company (according to the Singaporean law), supervising the issue on the allotment of shares, capital meetings, entrepass and restructuring duties.

The Company Secretary must ensure that the company and the directors comply with the rules from the Constitution of the Company. Directors need these individuals to advise them in their statutory obligations.  Here is a list of the main functions/tasks of a corporate secretary in Singapore:

  • As a corporate secretary, Sleek’s function is to organize meetings for the company (these include board meetings and general meetings) and to file annual returns if required. As corporate secretary, Sleek ensures that the company meets the deadlines. For example, we remind our clients when they need to hold their annual general meeting (AGM), usually within the next 6 months after the reminder.
  • With regards to shareholder duties, the secretary must supervise the company through the creating and issuing shares process. They will be the mediator between shareholders and directors. It must also deal with other matters affecting shareholdings and queries from shareholders.
  • A corporate secretary is also in charge of disseminating financial statements to shareholders, who will then be well-equipped to take part in decision-making at the company’s annual general meeting (AGM). 
  • A corporate secretary in Singapore have the responsibilities of preparing accounts – like the firm’s annual accounts and ensuring that the accounts  are prepared in accordance with the Company Law provisions. 
  • It is part of their duty to ensure that adequate insurance coverage is in place for the whole company (directos, staff, office…) and needs to take care of ensuring the safe custody and proper use of the company seal.
  • The corporate secretary must also update the company’s details and particulars on ACRA. They should prepare documents in advance for relating these changes to directors and /or shareholders for their approval. This includes a change of company name, a change of registered office address, a change of share capital and the appointment/termination of the corporation’s officers.

A company secretary acts as the backbone of every company when it comes to keeping up with legal compliance and proper use in Singapore. With their extensive knowledge about the internal governance of the company and the associated regulations in Singapore, Company secretaries services are often relied upon for advice and solutions for example if there is an internal conflict between stakeholders & directors, a corporate secretary will often step in to mediate. Company secretary has the important job to ensure that the company is compliant.

As it is compulsory that every company must appoint a corporate secretary (according to the Singaporean law), the role may also be involved in responsibilities  and obligations such as taxes, accounting records. Talk to us to find out more! We are happy to assist you with any queries from general corporate secretarial queries to transferring your existing company secretary to us!

If you wish to switch to Sleek’s company secretary, we’ve made the process fast so that your transfer is just a few clicks away. Here is what you should know before leaving your current service provider and moving to Sleek:

First, you need to get in touch with us to carry out a series of KYC (Know Your Customer) processes. After the approval, we will require you to notify your current service provider of the determination statement for records. 

Sleek offers not only secretarial services for companies but also a registered address for your company. If you want to read more about how to change your company secretary, click here

We are happy to assist you with any queries from general corporate secretarial queries to transferring your existing company secretary to us!

No they can’t. They need to offset the previous years losses first, only remaining balance of profit (if any) can be declared as dividends.

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