Ways to Incorporate a Company in Hong Kong

4 minute read

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The Companies Registry allows two ways to incorporate a company – 

In either electronic form through the Registry’s service portal “e-Registry” (www.eregistry.gov.hk) or submit registration documents in hard copy form to the Shroff of Companies Registry on the 14th Floor of the Queensway Government Offices.  The registration documents submitted are similar but the process and time incurred are vastly different.

Let’s look at the similarities of the two methods.  The details below refers to private company limited by shares.


Documents to be delivered:

  • Articles of Association: With company name, limited liability and private company clause, statement of share capital and initial shareholdings, model articles
  • Incorporation Form (NNC1) signed by the founder member: With company name, registered office address, details of company secretary and directors*, founder members (first shareholders) with shares and amount subscribed
  • Notice to Business Registration Office (IRBR1): To indicate whether a 3-year business registration certificate will be elected

*If a director does not sign the ‘Consent to Act as Director’ in the Form NNC1, he/she can sign the consent in Form NNC3 and deliver not later than 15 days after the date of incorporation to Companies Registry.

Each application for incorporation is deemed to have made a simultaneous application for business registration. 


Registration fee plus the applicable business registration fee must be delivered with the above documents.



Electronic submission (e-Registration)

Hard copy submission


Same day

Four working days


Sign Electronically

Print hard copies & sign in originals


Online submission through e-Registry service portal

Receipt of originals in HK for submission  to Companies Registry


Soft copy

Hard copy

(both forms have the same legal effect)

Next steps

Hence, although finally you would have the company duly incorporated and the Certificate of Incorporation and Business Registration Certificate readily available, you should be aware of the differences and make use of the method that suits your needs.


As Sleek is an online company secretary, we always suggest to use the simple and fast way to get things done except in cases where you have specific concerns or requirements.  Talk to us and we can help find the best solution for you and your company. 

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