5 Minutes with: S Bakery

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In our newest series, we sit down for 5 minutes with the founder of S Bakery to find out more on their business philosophy and what they most value in Sleek’s services!

1. Tell us more about your business and the services you provide.

S Bakery is a family-run e-commerce business specializing in New York-style classic cheesecakes. We don’t offer any other baked goods, as we believe in creating a focused brand and identity and doing one product very well.


2. What drove you to start your business?

It was my love and belief in the product that drove me to start up the business.

3. How did you first hear about Sleek?

I was referred to Sleek by my brother.

4. What made Sleek’s solution stand out over others that you researched?

Sleek had competitive pricing and the platform was simple to use. The support team is also responsive and helpful.

5. What makes your services stand out from the rest?

We let our product truly speak for itself. We also don’t try to do too much. We just provide one product and try to do it very well.

6. Tell us what a typical day in the life of your business looks like.

As S Bakery is not a full-time business, the day-to-day life of the business varies. My partner and I both have day jobs. The baking and delivery of the cakes happen either early in the morning or in the evenings after work. During peak seasons (e.g. festive periods such as Christmas, Valentines, or Mid-Autumn) a lot more time is spent on the business as we need to cater to the high demand.

7. Has Sleek’s service made your business more efficient?

Sleek has been helpful in saving time and allowing me to focus more on S Bakery. Because of my day job, I simply don’t have enough hours in the day to manage S Bakery and manage the accounting and auditing of the business at the same time.

8. Tell us about a recent win for your business.

We have started to sell our cakes in a cafe in Central which makes it our first B2B business relationship!

9. What’s next for your business?

We hope to continue growing the business organically and expanding our team.

10. Who would you recommoned Sleek to?

Everyone who is starting a business and requires business accounting support.

11. Finish the sentence:

  1. Being an entrepreneur means: being adaptive and not being afraid of failure
  2. What gets me up in the morning: the fact that I feel so blessed in where I am in life.
  3. The hardest thing about running a business : having to wear many different hats and to figure out things you were never taught in school.
  4. For a business to thrive in Hong Kong, you need to : really understand the market and form strong relationships with the right people.

 To find out more about what they have to offer, check them out here!

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