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Similar to Sleek, Delta Partners International was born after the frustrations founder Dr. Mark Holder faced as a corporate trainer.


Deciding that change in the industry was much needed, Mark created Delta Partners International – a company that provides training programs for those in the financial markets space.


Find out more about what Mark has in store for Delta Partners and why he’s a fan of Sleek’s services!

What makes your services stand out from the rest?

Delta Partners was designed to provide a closer relationship between the clients and the trainers to ensure that the right content was being delivered.


We believe that a lean organization is all that is needed to deliver the best program, with added layers of management only distracting from the training process.


What makes us particularly stand out is that we integrate the trainer into the relationship with our clients to ensure that everyone is on the same page. This allows us to deliver the right material at the proper level for participants to ensure the best outcomes for our clients.

What drove you to starting up your business?

I was quite exasperated with the traditional model of accounting and auditing services in Hong Kong that seemed very antiquated. Each audit was a painful process requiring document collection, delivery, and so on.


From time to time, documents would get lost, processes gets delayed, and I just knew there had to be a better way.


I did a simple web search for accounting services and most offerings were just a home page and office address. So, I guess it was by pure chance that I found Sleek’s services – and I’m very happy that I did.


Sleek stood out with its cloud-based systems that indicated to me that they were likely to be highly efficient.

How much more efficient has Sleek’s solutions made it for the daily processes of your business?

Using Sleek has helped quite a lot with our internal controls and accounting. Things go much smoother, and they are quickly responsive when I have questions about accounting.


Sleek has also really made things much simpler for us on a daily process. We pretty much do not have to think twice about our accounting and auditing processes anymore as we know Sleek has these things well under control.

Tell us about a recent win for your business.

We were very pleased to pick up a training program for an exchange in Asia that will run multiple times per year.  This can really help our bottom line since we can offer it more than just once! It also increases our reach as multiple brokers will be sending their staff for this program. 

What’s next for your business?

We are planning to hire a new business development manager to help us follow up with clients more consistently and an IT staff to help with managing our MS Office platform and Learning Management System. There are great and exciting opportunities on the horizon!

What have you been most impressed with about Sleek?

Sleek has been doing a great job with timely reminders to make sure that we do not miss any filing deadlines and that things are done on time. Initially, there were times when we were behind in filing certain reports, but  Sleek really helped us to catch up and ensure that we were all good to go with our required filings and reports.  It was such a huge relief.

Who would you recommend Sleek to?

I would highly recommend Sleek to all small and medium size enterprises who simply don’t have the staff to handle all of the accounting and reporting requirements today.  Having Sleek can help a small and medium size firm survive by being able to focus on their business.

Delta Partners International is dedicated to providing firms with the highest level of service and needs analysis. They provide dedicated sales and logistics support for each program to insure consistent, reliable results. To find out more, visit them here!



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