Them You & Me - Guiding businesses through digital transformation

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Demystifying digital marketing

Them You & Me is a digital marketing agency based in Singapore that provides digital marketing strategy, website design, social media marketing, content creation, artificial intelligence for hotels and more. The goals is to help businesses from all sectors through digital transformations. 


Them You & Me was founded by Marie Nadal Sharma. When asked about the origin of the company’s name, Marie said, “To me, connections are the most important in everything that I do. I started my journey alone but I surrounded myself with an amazing team along the way.”


One amazing quality that Them You & Me has is that they work with businesses of any size. They help you plan a step by step digital marketing strategy that will outline the main goals you would like to achieve.


With the digital landscape constantly changing, it might be hard to keep up to date while running a business. This is where Them You & Me comes in. They help look after the digital marketing side of things for you while you can fully focus on your business.


Them You & Me also offers clarity sessions.  You can have a 2-hour individual consulting session  with Marie over coffee, where you can discuss your ideas and get valuable recommendations and advices. 


Marie adds, “We want to give brands a fresh perspective and be able to help everyone on the digital marketing side of things as much as we can.”

The power of digitalisation

These days, everything is online and people build personal and business connections through different ways. When asked how she heard about Sleek, Marie said, “I was referred to Sleek by someone I trust. For a professional service provider, I wanted a company that can make the whole process seamless and I got that with Sleek.”


Marie adds, “We live in a world of digitalisation. No one has time to print documents, sign it, scan it and send it back. By having an online platform like Sleek’s, that is exactly the type of partner I need. It makes it so much easier to find documents and/or e-Sign them.”


When asked about interaction with the Sleek team, Marie shared, “So far my experience has been good and easy. Throughout the whole process, if I ever needed to ask any specific questions, I would just give Diana a call and she would always pick up the phone. She’s fantastic!”


Marie shared with us how she is impressed with the whole process right from the start of the incorporation process to the relationship that she has built with Sleek. She adds, “I have already recommended Sleek’s services to my clients. Anyone that needs help with incorporation or in any company compliance matters should go to Sleek.”

Going global

This year, Them You & Me has decided to go global and expand to Melbourne. Marie adds, “We are very excited about this expansion as it’s going to be a very productive year for my company!”. Find out more about Them You & Me here.

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