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In our newest series, we sit down for 5 minutes with the co-founders of Happyer – Julio Orr and Thomas Huang, to find out more on their business philosophy and what they most value in Sleek’s services!


Julio Orr is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)  of Happyer and H Academy. Despite coming from Melbourne, Australia, Julio has resided in Hong Kong for 13 years – calling it his second home. Meanwhile, Thomas Huang is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) –  wearing a multitude of hats from entrepreneur, Instagram KOL, career coach and more.

1. Tell us more about your business and the services you provide.

Happyer.io is the go-to career platform for the modern job seeker. We empower individuals to win in their career to ultimately be happier – and we do this in three ways:

  1. We help individuals to get a transparent and authentic view into jobs, companies and cultures so they can find the right fit.
  2. We help individuals to gain the in-demand skills needed to accelerate or pivot their careers.
  3. We help to connect individuals to the right career advice and career coaches to help them navigate their careers.

2. What drove you to start your business?

The vision of Happyer is in its name itself.  Our work plays a big part in our lives and while we all want to find our own version of happiness in life, I discovered an alarming statistic that 85% of people were not engaged at work. This number was so alarming that I wanted to do something to help. With that, we founded the company based on the philosophy to enable people to be happier at work. 


3. How did you first hear about Sleek?

We know one of your amazing team members, Tom Chan.

4. What made Sleek’s solution stand out over others that you researched?

The user experience is great with an amazing support team that is  very knowledgeable and helpful.

5. What makes your services stand out from the rest?

We have a unique DNA in that we have a career platform, an academy and a media arm. This helps us to be at the forefront of HR, Education and Digital forefront. We blend this DNA into providing best-in-classes products and services to help people succeed and excel in their careers. We blend this DNA to help organisations enhance their employer branding, upskill their workforce – all through leveraging our digital and media solutions. 


6. Tell us what a typical day in the life of your business looks like.

There is no typical day at Happyer but below is a snapshot of what we tend to do on any given day:

  • Team meeting in the morning to discuss projects 
  • Business development calls with companies that are on-boarding onto our job platform 
  • Discovery meeting with a global law firm to discuss their upcoming employer branding photo shoot
  • Video shoot for a crypto exchange company to live stream an educational course on crypto
  • Lunch with the team in one of the cool restaurants in Kennedy Town (today it was Mama Malouf!) 
  • Podcast with HR of a unicorn startup in Hong Kong
  • Breaks in between to play with Karen (our dog mascot who loves attention, and chat to the neighbours in theHive community!)
  • Creating paid ad campaigns for various clients to help them attract talent through social media
  • Running a UX or Coding Demo Workshop to introduce people to our part-time and full-time courses
  • Done for the day!

7. How more efficient has Sleek’s solutions made it for the daily processes of your business?

We wish we had done it sooner! Not only has it made things more efficient for us but it has also given us a piece of mind which is important as founders of an emerging start-up.

8. Tell us about a recent win for your business.

We recently got accepted into Cyberport Incubation programme which is very exciting news for us!


9. What’s next for your business?

We are currently in the midst of launching more full-time courses in specialisations including – but not limited to – coding, UX design and data science .

10. What have you been most impressed with about Sleek?

The user experience is great. The people are amazing, very knowledgeable and helpful. We’d recommend them to everyone in our community.

11. Finish the sentence:

  1. Being an entrepreneur means: creating a positive impact
  2. What gets me up in the morning: our team and the mission to create happyer workplaces everywhere
  3. The hardest thing about running a business : so much to do, so little time!
  4. For a business to thrive in Hong Kong, you need to : have the right partners like Sleek, the right team like we have, and lots of supporters like Cyberport, our investors and many more.

Happyer brings transparency to the job search by capturing the culture, people and offices companies through video, podcasts, articles, photos and blogs, all shared on our platform for you to discover. To find out more about what they have to offer, check them out here!

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