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Dr Tech, the eCommerce platform you didn’t know
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The beginning stages of starting an eCommerce business can be overwhelming. The number  of options is endless; not only do you have to have a great product to sell, but you also have to learn the ins and outs of a new platform.


What features do you need to capitalize on your unique idea? What design will look best with your vision? How easy is it to even start an eCommerce business?



Helping startups succeed

Founded by Martin Ronfort, Dr Tech is an eCommerce platform that offers 200+ free templates and the capability to build your own store design with easy drag and drop builders. Dr Tech began as a means to further boost small businesses and guide them to success. 


“I started this business because I have this passion to teach start-up businesses and help them achieve their business goals,” said Martin. “This is the reason why I created my own tech company–because I want to help businesses grow with a tool we own.”


As a mentor to other entrepreneurs at a startup incubator called True Digital Park, Martin likes to share his tech knowledge with anyone who is looking for access to all the best optimization and innovation in eCommerce.



Satisfaction with Sleek

By taking care of company secretarial admin, Sleek has helped Martin, and the Dr Tech team, focus on their core mission: to help online businesses grow by offering the right tools to build their online store.


“I am impressed with Sleek’s excellent customer support. They make everything so easy for anyone who wants to build their business in HK or Singapore,” said Martin. 


According to him, the hardest thing about running a business is executing operations smoothly from marketing, to tech. That’s where Sleek comes in – Sleek takes care of the admin so entrepreneurs can focus on what they’re really passionate about. 


In the case of Dr Tech, this means more time to do the research for you. The eCommerce industry moves fast, so Dr Tech does daily research and focuses on listening to customers’ needs and feedback.


“Dr Tech’s customer reviews — this is what fires me up in the morning,” said Martin.


The Dr Tech team wants new eCommerce businesses to have access to all the best optimisation and innovation, right from the get-go, at no extra cost, as opposed to bigger players like Shopify.


Martin explained that most people go for the bigger eCommerce names because of familiarity, and they don’t realize that they’ll become locked into that store design and asked to pay for each added feature they need. 


“In Dr Tech we ensure that the optimizations are all included for online sellers so that they won’t have to pay any additional fees just to have a seamless online store platform,” he said. “We are strong in design, very perfect for those online sellers who would want to build their online store from scratch and who are very keen with their branding.”


Incorporating in Hong Kong

For Martin, being an entrepreneur means “bringing ideas to life.”


With Sleek’s services, he’s able to do that from anywhere in the world. Dr. Tech began in France and has since expanded into the US market. Although this is the case, Martin does all his business from Thailand!


He’s a testament to the fact that businesses can often operate from anywhere while being registered in Hong Kong. 


“We incorporated there because it is easy to do everything online, and no tax,” said Martin, while also mentioning the low set up price and open business possibilities.


Although not in the same country, Sleek notifies the company whenever there are deadlines or important documents that need to be signed, thus keeping the business compliant from anywhere around the globe with all the local laws and regulations in mind.


“I would definitely recommend Sleek,” said Martin. “I initially launched my company with  another service provider, but I was not happy. So when I heard about Sleek from a friend, this is where I got interested to move to them.”



What’s your passion project?

If you also have a passion and an entrepreneurial mindset, you can follow Dr Tech’s footsteps and engage with Sleek. Sleek’s services can help you incorporate your business and stay on top of the admin, no matter where you are.


If you’re thinking about starting an eCommerce business, you can learn more here


To get started on your digital shop front, view Dr Tech’s offerings here.


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