8 Tips to Harness the Power of Feng Shui for Business Success

If you’re looking to create a harmonious work environment, make your business more prosperous, and create a supporting and invigorating space for your employees, you should consider Feng Shui.

It might sound bizarre to the unacquainted, but this ancient Chinese art of placement is a technique that has brought about many benefits to people (and businesses) all over the world.

Many businesses have chosen to embrace the teachings of Feng Shui and found that it brought them a successful, peaceful, and profitable work environment.

So if you’re ready to make some space on your desk, in your office, and in your mind with a technique that’s over three thousand years old, keep reading to find out how.


Understanding Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art that is based on placing objects in a certain way. The teachings of Feng Shui tell us that this placement can bring both favorable and unfavorable effects, and this placement is based on two concepts.

The first is the universe’s flow of energy, which the Chinese call chi. The literal translation of the words Feng Shui from Chinese is wind and water. It is believed that through wind and water, the chi is able to flow through nature and the entire universe. It’s very important to balance chi so negative forms can be offset.

The second concept is based on the duality of Yin and Yang, which is a well-known symbol of opposing but complementary forces that allow the universe to exist in harmony. While Yin is the black side and Yang is the white side, there will always be a little Yin in Yang and vice versa.
However, to follow Feng Shui, you should focus on Yang energy.

Applying the concept of Feng Shui to your business

To apply Feng Shui principles to your personal life and your business, you first need to become familiar with Bagua. This is one of the most powerful tools used in Feng Shui and its purpose is to create positive changes. It is an octagonal chart or energy map with eight points of a compass.

Bagua translates to eight areas and each of these areas relates to different circumstances in life. All of them have a corresponding shape, season, color, number, and earthly element. And in the very center of Bagua, which is its ninth area, is you, your overall wellness and health.

Feng Shui has several schools of thought, all of which use Baguas when they’re analyzing a space, but they may apply this map in different ways. For businesses, the Bagua should be used based on knowledge and career.

8 Feng Shui tips for your business

To get the most out of business Feng Shui, you need to implement it in as many areas of your workspace as possible. Below are listed some tips that will help you reach the Yin-Yang harmony you’re craving.

Tip #1: Position your work desk to view as much of your room as possible

In Feng Shui, your desk is a representation of your career, and you need to pay close attention to its placement. The first thing you need to remember is that your workspace needs to be permanent and dedicated – do not use your desk for anything besides work.

Desk placement needs to have a commanding decision and be situated against a wall or a window where it’s not directly in line with the door in the room but still allows you to see it. This will make you less stressed on a subconscious level because you will be able to see anyone who approaches you.

The view you have from your desk is also very important. Ideally, you should be looking at something that inspires you. Looking at a blank wall will block you, and looking out the window could distract you. Just like with the door, you should have a view of the window but not be in direct line to it.

Tip #2: Liven up your area with flowers and plants

Flowers and plants are great for Feng Shui because they unite you with the natural world. The natural green color of plants encourages growth, both business and personal. If you want your plants to bring you positive influence, they need to be healthy and vibrant-looking.

The type of plant you have in your workspace is also very important. For instance, you should avoid anything that is sharp such as cacti.Here are some of the best Feng Shui plans that bring health, prosperity, and harmony:

  • Money plant. According to Feng Shui, it attracts money since the leaves of the money plant resemble coins. The more leaves it has and the greener they are, the more money it will bring. Keep the plant at the entrance or in the northwest of the room.
  • Lucky bamboo plant. Place the plant on the northeast part of your office to bring wealth, luck, and prosperity. This plant comes with an odd number of stalks and five stalks represent wealth.
  • Rubber plant. This plant is also associated with money and should be placed in the northwest. Not only do its big round leaves symbolize wealth but they also contribute to better health and air quality.
  • Palm trees. Feng Shui tells us that palm trees activate, attract, and radiate good energy. They are a great fit for places where the chi flow is missing or stuck, or places where there is a lot of negative energy.
  • Peace lily. The peace lily plant gives strong protective vibration and promotes both physical and mental balance. It’s best to place it in the east, which is the health corner to harmonize your atmosphere.

Tip #3: Symbolize wealth with water

There isn’t a more powerful symbol of money in the art of Feng Shui than water. But not just any water. If you want all of the beneficial chi energy that will bring you health and prosperity, you need to incorporate water in the right way and keep it clean and fresh at all times.

Consider including symbols of water and water features into your workspace. A great choice for this is a fish tank, preferably with goldfish in it since gold is a symbol of money in Chinese culture.

You can also include desk fountains, just make sure their water flow isn’t very rapid or blocked. A great idea for the office is a scaled-down desk fountain that was designed for a smaller space.

Tip #4: Think vertically

If you want to include elements that will focus positive energy on expansion and growth, you need to think vertically by integrating vertical lines and shapes into your workspace. Use various objects to create the feeling of height and make the space feel taller.

Consider adding vertical lines where you can, such as placing tall bookshelves, adding lighting that makes the light travel upward, or placing a tree in the corner – the possibilities are endless.

A great idea for companies is to print any business materials such as business cards vertically. It’s also very important to utilize and optimize all of the space in those business cards, even the back.

In essence, keep in mind that vertical positioning means growth while something that’s diagonal or horizontal represents a fallen tree, symbolizing a business that can’t grow.

Tip #5: Go big with blue

Colors have a big influence on us. And this is not just according to Feng Shui, but color psychology as well. Colors evoke emotions that have a big effect on productivity and your overall mood. That is why you need to be very careful when choosing what colors you are going to use in your office space.

Remember to stay clear of aggressive colors such as red, because they evoke negative feelings like anxiety and aggression.

The perfect color for most businesses is blue. It is the color of the sky and the sea, signifies free spirit, and is a very relaxing color that creates a sense of calm. It’s often seen in the world of business because it invokes loyalty, responsibility, trust, and reliability.

If you’re looking for an alternative color, pale green is a great choice. Green is the color of money, but also nature and balance. Pale green inspires creativity, so it’s the perfect color for businesses that require creativity and free-thinking.

And finally, if you’re looking to give off a feeling of sophistication, gray is the perfect color for you.

Tip #6: Calculate your Kua number

According to Feng Shui, a very important factor that decides how successful your business is going to be is how well you and your building fit together. And the only way you can find that out is through your Kua number.

This number is derived from your date of birth and gender. To calculate it, you first need to add the last two digits of the year you were born in.

If you’re a woman, the next step is to add five and if the number is two digits, add them together to get a single digit. And if you’re a man, take the number you got and subtract it from 10. This is how you get your Kua number.

Ideally, your Kua number should match the number of your office building’s home number. If you understand how Kua numbers work, you can calculate a Feng Shui business map.

There are two groups of Kua numbers, the East and the West group. Depending on your Kua number, you will be assigned the ideal direction.

  • For the East group, the best directions are North (1), East (3), Southeast (4), and South (9).
  • For the West group, the best directions are Southwest (2), Northwest (6), West (7), and Northeast (8).

Tip #7: Carry multiple currencies

If you have any spare currencies from foreign countries, make sure to carry them with you. Paper denominations from abroad symbolize wealth from all corners of the globe.

Tip #8: Declutter your workspace

According to Feng Shui, a cluttered workspace can negatively affect your performance. Productive chi can’t flow if you have a lot of stuff on your desk that’s blocking it. Therefore, the best way to improve work performance and increase business wealth is to unblock it and move all of that stuff.

Take all of the items off your desk and clean up any cluttered-up area around it. Closely examine all of the items you had on your desk and only put back the ones you only use every day. When it comes to papers, only keep the ones that are limited to one project.

There is no need to throw away the rest of your things, simply keep them in other places such as file cabinets, storage containers, and desk drawers.
Once your desk is free from clutter, add things that are career-enchanting, positive, and bring you happiness. You can use Bagua to guide you so you know which items should be placed where and what the best items are.

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Wrap up

Feng Shui can do wonders for reducing business anxiety and there are numerous business owners around the world who use this ancient method to improve their business environment.

But to bring it one step further, and free yourself from stress and negative feelings, consider Sleek’s smooth and efficient services. We can help you make your paperwork less cluttered, more productive, and more efficient overall.

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