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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We will refund the fees engaged within the first 30 days, should you be unhappy with our services.
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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We will refund the fees engaged within the first 60 days, should you be unhappy with our services.
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No more accounting nightmares

Big or small, we'll handle your business with ease. As a certified Xero Platinum partner, we expertly manage unaudited financial statements, bookkeeping, expense claims and all your annual filing requirements.

Accurate accounting services

Your finance department doesn't have to spend another hour reconciling financial data. Our accounting services include preparing your unaudited financial statements, balance sheet and more.

Breezy bookkeeping

Manage expenses on the go from your phone. You can upload a picture of your receipt. It's quick and easy!

Painless payroll

We manage your employees' accounts in Hong Kong for you. Annual leave, medical leave, and everything in between, sorted. Our skilled experts are here to make sure it all runs without a hitch.

Trouble-free tax and financial advice

We keep your company compliant with an eye on your filing deadlines year-round, and we make sure none of your questions go unanswered.

Our process will have your books in order in no time

01 Choose your plan
02 Provide your company details
03 We've got your accounts covered

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Flexible and bespoke accounting prices for all kinds of businesses

Pricing will be billed upfront annually & plans are based on Financial Year (not calendar year).

Up to HKD 15,000 expenses per month

Up to HKD 50,000 expenses per month

Up to HKD 100,000 expenses per month

Up to HKD 200,000 expenses per month

Up to HKD 400,000 expenses per month

Up to HKD 700,000 expenses per month

> HKD 700,000 expenses per month

HKD 400/month

HKD 700/month

HKD 1,000/month

HKD 1,800/month

HKD 2,800/month

HK 3,800/month

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Select your accounting plan:

This plan includes the following:


Payroll service includes one-time set-up of the company payroll details in Talenox payroll software, monthly payroll reports and payslip, employees access on the Talenox payroll software, MPF monthly e-submission only and IR56B Employers Return for the period 01 Apr – 31 Mar.

Upgrade of HKD 35 employee/month if they need the following: Leave management feature (each employee will have access to monitor/apply for leave directly on the software) and batch payment TXT file for upload on the company bank account.

Balance sheet, income statement, trial balance and general ledger.

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Sleek can help you with all your back-office needs


Accounting and Tax

We are a certified Xero Platinum partner and we manage your finances better than anyone else can.

Automate your finances

Financial audit

Independent auditors to complete the annual audit and tax filing process with ease.

Audit your books


Company Secretary

Marking deadlines and filing paperwork should be the last of your worries. Let us take it off your plate.

Stay compliant


We'd love to help. Share your contact details and we'll call you back!

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What our customers have said about us?

Guillaume Andre

Forward Ventures

"Alex was very knowledgeable and helpful in ensuring we make the right choices before the incorporation. The service provided by Chandlery afterwards was excellent. Overall, the process was hassle free and very straightforward. We will have no hesitation recommending Sleek in the future."

Guillaume Andre
Startup customer

Jia Yng

Cloudwall Capital

"Fantastic client service, close and attentive follow through - I love the referral of the extended network to expedite onboarding process. Well done Sleek Team!"

Jia Yng
SME customer


Spero Aesthetics

"Every services is under one roof and the team is very responsive especially, Jiayi and Axel in resolving the teething problems when i switched my Xero subscription to Sleek. If only Sleek was around when I started my company, it would have saved me so much trouble and time."

Adam Lim
Startup customer

Jia Yng

Jia Yng


Fantastic client service, close and attentive follow through - I love the referral of the extended network to expedite onboarding process. Well done Sleek Team!

Frequently Asked Questions

Accounting and bookkeeping are essential to running a successful business anywhere, not simply Hong Kong. We provide accounting services as well as help our clients with their bookkeeping, balance sheet, accounting and auditing requirements in accordance with the accounting standards set by the Hong Kong Inland Revenues Department. We achieve this with our usage and extensive knowledge of credited accounting softwares. The specifics include managing the accounting of day-to-day, monthly quarterly and year end business operations, financial reporting and record/bookkeeping.

An assigned certified public accountant will also help in providing accounting reports in accordance with the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department. Message and learn more information about our services on our website here.

Outsource accounting services are a great alternative to save cost and headcount at small companies. At Sleek Hong Kong, we use trusted accounting softwares such as Xero and ReceiptBank to assist in our accounting services by recording your expenses and tracking your business transactions. Our team also utilises cloud accounting to ensure that your annual financial statements and audit work are up-to-speed! Individual year end reports and annual tax returns submission will be filed during the filing dates to the Hong Kong Inland Revenues Department. Your designated accounting manager or certified public accountant in Hong Kong will be in constant communication for any issues regarding the accounting service such as financial reporting and important information updates.

However, there are things to consider if you wish to get an external auditor/ accountant to settle your accounts. Click here for more information about picking an external auditor.

You can also check our article about HKAS.

We are dedicated to bringing our clients different levels of accounting services and bookkeeping based on their companies, office and business requirements. We can assure you there are no hidden fees in our services. Please refer to our pricing table and documents above for additional details on our accounting services. Each price range caters to different levels of company expense, starting at HKD 4,800 per financial year for companies with less than HKD 15,000 in monthly expense. Contact us and visit our site today for advice or tailor make your plan that’s most suitable for your business.

Want to know more about annual returns? You can find it here.

Auditing for Hong Kong companies is a mandatory requirement before tax submission in accordance with the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department. Besides our accounting services, Sleek is also experienced in offering auditing services for companies of various sizes and status. Subscribe to the accounting and bookkeeping plan to prepare for an easy and organised audit later on.

Sleek is experienced and dedicated to helping our clients and their companies indicate offshore profit taxation exemption claims in their tax return to the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department. However, Sleek will not be able to cover clients in answering any immediate, or after period questions from the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department regarding the specific documents and details on the status of the company on a monthly quarterly basis.


*Separate quotes and charges apply on a case-by-case basis. Message us to find out more or check out our audit page.

Our accounting plan can grow with your company when needed, you’ll only need to pay the difference. Once the company’s financial year end is completed, Sleek will review the Avg expense level and adjust the pricing accordingly.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our refund policy:
We care about you – within 30 days from your purchase, if you’re unhappy with our services, we’ll refund our fee. Email or call us, and we’ll process the refund within five working days.

What it doesn’t cover:
We will not be able to refund Government fees once the application has been submitted, nor any third-party processing fees.

When it applies:
We cannot guarantee any specific legal outcomes when you use our services. For instance, a company registration might be filed correctly but still get rejected by the Company Registry for reasons beyond our control. We can only refund our fees for issues we are directly responsible for. In the case that you purchase a service and later change your mind, we can’t issue a refund.

Our customer support team is at your disposal for any questions or issue you may face.

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Our sales team is available from Mon - Fri 9am to 7pm (Hong Kong Time)