How Starkid is paving the way for online education in Hong Kong

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1. Tell us more about yourself, your business, and the services you provide.

Starkid is an innovative online education platform for children aged from 4 to 12, providing an interesting, interactive, and effective native English learning experience to children in Hong Kong and other East Asian countries, by connecting the students to the best US, Canada, and UK teachers through our innovative, real-time, 1-to-1 online classroom.


Starkid’s mission is to provide the best language learning environment and empower each student to have a brighter future through education. We utilize all data captured from our online classes in order to generate the most suitable personalized learning materials for every student. Starkid also provides world-class English learning materials based on Cambridge Global English Programme from the UK, bringing the most efficient English learning experience to children.

The founders of Starkid

2. What drove you to start your business?

We realized that although students in Hong Kong or East Asia countries have been studying English since K1, most of them still cannot communicate fluently and confidently in English, not even mention speaking with a native English accent. The problems we are solving:

First, there is a lack of English speaking environment for students at local schools, so students have no chance to speak in English to practice their communication skills.

Second, it is relatively difficult to find quality native English teachers in East Asia countries, and this is the reason why students can hardly improve their English efficiently.

Third, although there are good quality native English teachers out there, the cost of hiring them for private tutoring is high.

Last but not least, the learning progress of students in traditional tutoring centers or at schools is not transparent at all, so parents never know how their children perform and what they have learned from the lessons.

3. How did you first hear about Sleek?

We have been searching for a technology-driven company secretary, and we found Sleek on Google.

4. What made Sleek’s solution stand out over others that you researched?

Everything is stored on their cloud platform, we can access our documents easily without papers flying around. The Sleeksign function is also very user-friendly.

5. What makes your services stand out from the rest?

Starkid differentiates from other online education technologies in four major areas:
Teacher, Content, Operations, and Technology.

First, unlike most other online education companies, where they sourced teachers from the U.S. and Canada, we sourced a lot of our teachers from the U.K., so students who’d prefer learning a British English accent would prefer Starkid.

Secondly, our content is based on Cambridge Global English, unlike many others that were based on the CCSS curriculum from America.

Thirdly, our operation is more catered to a global market as we’re not China-market focused like many of our competitors.

Lastly, in addition to leveraging AI / Machine learning technology to facilitate learning, we provide numerous specialized courses that can cater to the different learning needs of each student.

6. Tell us what a typical day in the life of your business looks like.

The education business is customer service oriented, so we have to deal with a lot of parents for all classes related issues including trial classes, scheduling, referrals, and so on.

7. How more efficient has Sleek’s solutions made it for the daily processes of your business?

We can locate our company documents easily for accounting, audit, and fundraising purposes. Also, I love SleekSign the most as we can easily sign an agreement with our counterparties for free.

8. Tell us about a recent win for your business.

Online education has been an uptrend, especially during the pandemic because students cannot attend schools for learning. Hence, online learning has been gradually accepted by people around the world, and Starkid has gained the trust of more than 3,000 customers during this period of time.

9. What’s next for your business?

We are expanding our business in all aspects. We are developing more different courses and curriculum to cater to students of different ages with different English levels.

10. What have you been most impressed with about Sleek?

Company secretary services as well as SleekSign.

11. Who would you recommend Sleek to?

All startup companies!

12. Finish the sentence:

  1. Being an entrepreneur means you have to deal with everything in different areas efficiently including company secretary, accounting and finance, legal and etc.


  2. What gets me up in the morning is the daily improvement of our business.


  3. The hardest thing about running a business is to predict the external factors that would affect our business but we cannot control such as a pandemic.


  4. For a business to thrive in Hong Kong, you need to keep pivoting your business to fit the market as the trend is always changing.



Thinking of starting up?

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