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The Complete Guide on Moving to Hong Kong

While you have most likely heard of the business benefits Hong Kong has to offer, this region is also great for life in general. The standard of living is great, the region is diverse.

Different Co-Working Spaces in Hong Kong

The workplace of tomorrow is slowly being reshaped and transformed. Hong Kong has been following this trend as co-working providers have been branching out.

What Is EPS Card in Hong Kong?

EPS, as it was mentioned, acts as a debit card but does not actually work like one. With an EPS card, you have to find an ATM and then take out money.

Expats Insurance in Hong Kong

Your health should be the highest priority in your life. Wherever you live, you have to find a way to keep yourself healthy but also protected from huge medical bills.

Is Bootstrapping Right For My Startup?

Bootstrapping refers to when an entrepreneur uses his or her own savings to get their company off the ground, without little to no help from institutional or VC investors.

Getting started: Hong Kong eCommerce and Shipping 101

You have the next revolutionary product idea and you want to start selling immediately. Our new partner, Easyship knows a thing or two about eCommerce for SMEs and has contributed a helpful quickstart guide for your new business.​
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