Sofa so good for Your Furniture’s move to Sleek

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Your Furniture shifted to Sleek after a breakdown in relationship with their previous company secretary. 

Entrepreneur Gregory Torreguitart built Your Furniture five years ago after moving to Singapore. He saw a need in the market for personalised furniture that combined functionality, design, and space limitations of Singapore housing while still remaining environmentally sustainable and competitively priced. He uses Sleek for his company secretary requirements.

Looking for an answer

Gregory initially was with a different company secretary provider for his incorporation and visa requirements.  When he faced difficulties renewing his Employment Pass for his company, his corporate secretary at the time was very negative and discouraging. They offered no help – in fact they even advised Gregory it would be pointless to try anything as there was no realistic solution.  Unwilling to give up, Gregory looked around for help and a second opinion.


“One of my friends told me about Sleek and got me in touch with [Sleek’s co-founder] Julien”, Gregory says. “Julien was so encouraging and helpful!  He gave me the best advice I’ve received [about my company] since I moved to Singapore.”

Getting clear advice and his filing issues solved

I was so grateful to Sleek that they had the technical know-how and problem-solving skills to help us find a solution.”

It was this sort of clear advice that gave him the assurance he needed, and soon he moved his company secretary and registered address to Sleek.

Transferring the company secretary was simple, and even with the communication breakdown with the previous company secretary, Sleek was able to take over and smooth out the regulatory issues that hadn’t been resolved by the previous provider.


“My previous company secretary hadn’t filed our annual return – but with Sleek’s help, we learned that if we signed up our director for a particular directors compliance programme, we could be granted a one-off extension to file our annual return without penalty. I was so grateful to Sleek that they had the technical know-how and problem-solving skills to help us find a solution.”


Gregory has also noticed the difference in quality of service. “Every time I need something, they always give me time – even if I find myself in a sh*t situation, they give advice and help me out.”


“At my last meeting at Sleek, Diana [my company secretary] also brought in one of their accountants, who sat down and gave me advice about my situation, even though I was not currently an accounting client. Sleek helps me a lot – it’s that willingness to help that makes me want to give them the rest of my work.”


Sleek helps me a lot – it’s that willingness to help that makes me want to give them the rest of my work.”

Grade-A technology and service

“I love both the technology and the top-class service offered by Sleek.  My colleague feels the same way.  As the director of my company, she has to use the platform a lot and she loves how much time it saves her”, says Gregory.


“I was talking to someone as recently as last week who was looking for a corporate services provider. ‘Go to Sleek’, I said. I’m very very happy with their services.”

Next steps for Your Furniture

And what’s next for Your Furniture? “I want to develop my business, potentially with more corporate customers. I’ve also just opened a new showroom, which is promising”, Gregory says.  


Not that it’s the only thing keeping him busy – “I also have another company that I work on too, with two partners. I’d like to bring that corp sec over to Sleek too – once it’s up for renewal, I’ll bring it across.”




Explore Your Furniture’s website here.

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