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Christina Devine

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It’s every bride’s dream to walk down the aisle in a perfectly-fitted gown, with all eyes fixated on them. From conception to execution, this is exactly the experience that Christina Devine strives to provide for all of their customers.


In this edition of 5 minutes with, we speak to the team behind Christina Devine on their inspiration behind the concept, what inspires them as well as how Sleek has been a dream for their business operations as well. 


1. Tell us more about your business and the services you provide.

Our founder, Christina Devine, began her career in New York as a lingerie designer and moved to Hong Kong close to a decade ago. One month after getting married in 2018, Christina and her husband teamed up to create her namesake brand – Christina Devine.


Christina Devine is a luxury bridal brand which blends bold designs with a passion for bringing transparency and customisation to the wedding dress process.

2. What makes your services stand out from the rest?

We’re redefining the modern bridal experience while celebrating the art of dressmaking. 


Christina Devine’s collection is available in our Hong Kong studio where Christina personally guides every bride through an intimate journey. An unrivalled process in its thoroughness and celebration of each bride’s individuality, brides are given the freedom to customise and create without the added cost.


Our Dress for Life process gives brides the option of bringing a second life to their gowns through redesign and alteration, making it more wearable for future events. 


3. What drove you to starting up your business?

Frustrated by a lack of transparency, hidden costs and her own stressful experience, Christina wanted to break the rules of bridal by giving every bride a personalized experience worthy of their wedding day.

Dresses are designed and customized to make each bride feel and look amazing. Our pricing includes the entire process, from design to final fitting, with every piece being handmade in our Hong Kong studio to ensure transparency in our production process.

4. Tell us about a recent win for your business.

Appearing in British Vogue, one of the world’s foremost fashion magazines.

5. How did you first hear about Sleek and what made Sleek’s solution stand out over others that you researched?  

After a thorough review of the Hong Kong market, Sleek came highly recommended from a friend.


Sleek took a genuine interest in our business from the start. Their solutions stood out because it’s completely cloud-based, leverages different digital tools to make life easier and provides an end-to-end integrated accounting solution – all whilst being better value than the rest of the market.

6. How more efficient has Sleek’s solutions made it for the daily processes of your business?

Prior to using Sleek, keeping our accounts up-to-date was an onerous and time-consuming task.


Sleek’s solution has transformed how we manage our accounts, giving us up-to-date management accounts and enabling us to focus on value-add activities.

7. What have you been most impressed with about Sleek? 

The quality of customer care, Sleek’s willingness to take time to help its customers, and the provision of an integrated cloud-based solution.

8. Who would you recommend Sleek to?

Any start-up or SME which is looking to streamline their processes and remove the stress from accounting.

9. What’s next for your business?

We have just designed a new collection to reflect the changing wedding trends during the COVID-19 pandemic and we are just about to launch our e-commerce platform that will enable us to sell our designs internationally.


10. Finish the sentence:

  1. Being an entrepreneur means: being in control of your future and not having to compromise your values.
  2. What gets me up in the morning: the passion to create and make every bride’s experience worthy of their wedding day.
  3. The hardest thing about running a business: making time for everything in life.
  4. For a business to thrive in Hong Kong, you need to: do what you should do anywhere in the world – build a great product and deliver exceptional service.

Christina Devine brings over a decade of fashion design experience to the fore for her namesake brand, combining bold designs, her mastery of fit and an absolute dedication to making every bride feel special.


The brand was launched soon after with the mission of bringing consciousness to the creation process and luxury to every bride. Find our more about them here!

Thinking of starting up?

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