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5 Minutes with: Bizsu

How can your business make the case for going “green”?

In this special Earth Day edition, we sit down for 5 minutes with Brice Degeyter from Bizsu to find out his thoughts on sustainable business and how his company is helping to champion for a better future for all.

Brice is the founder of Bizsu, a company that helps to provide businesses with sustainable solutions to make their customers more loyal, suppliers happier, and employees prouder.

Tell us more about yourself and your business!

I am a French entrepreneur currently based in Singapore. I created my company, Bizsu, to focus on helping businesses grow while taking care of the environment. At Bizsu, our role is to look after the environmental and financial aspects to help make our customers more loyal, our suppliers happier and our employees prouder.

What inspired you to create Bizsu?

In my previous job, I had seen that for most companies, sustainability is only seen as an additional cost – which is not always the case. When we prove to companies that they can generate more revenue while being more sustainable, they are convinced and ready to commit.
At the same time, I have seen that once a company goes “green” through sustainability initiatives, it pressures others such as competitors, suppliers and clients to move and act. This creates a domino effect which, in my opinion, is the best way we can accelerate the change we need to protect our planet.

We are experiencing a new revolution in which consumers are craving for more sustainability and greater attention to be paid to the environment. As we have seen with the digital revolution, companies that failed to adapt, do not exist anymore (case in point: Kodak and Blockbuster).

Here, we are in the same situation: if your company fails to adapt, it might just soon cease to exist.

How has Bizsu engaged in sustainability efforts?

At Bizsu, we have been working with social enterprises in the region to help them distribute their products. We now work with great brands such as Shangri-La, FairPrice, SMU and NUS.

To give an example, we have been working with Keppel to help them reduce up to 50% of their aircon consumption with a natural and unlimited solution called Continewm. You save energy, you save money and you improve your brand image. It’s a win-win situation for your business and the environment.

Were there any challenges you faced in striving for sustainability for your business?

Sure – constantly.

Firstly, we are a small team. Secondly, we still see companies who are reluctant to change and this reluctance has deepened by those affected by the pandemic.

However, once we can get a bit of their attention, it can drastically change their perspective.

A common misconception about going green is the argument where the benefits of sustainability do not match the cost. Do you agree with this statement and if so, or not, why?

It is not always the case, there are ways to achieve sustainability and business growth simultaneously. If you don’t know what to do, contact us at Bizsu! It’s free, and we’ll help to see this through together.

In your opinion, how can we make that first step to incorporate sustainability into their business operations?

Start looking at your company’s environmental footprint and the potential wastage your products incur.

What would you advise businesses still hesitant to go “green”?

If you think your business deserves to exist in the next few years, you should go for it! Otherwise, stay put and you might get left behind.

What’s next in the works for Bizsu that you would like to share with us?

We are currently raising funds to help companies with low CAPEX to adopt more sustainability projects. Contact us if you want to be part of it.

Bizsu is where business meets sustainability. Founded on the idea of sustainable and conscious consumption, Bizsu supports brands that are aligned with the common goal of incorporating green-concepts and sustainability in products consumed. 

To find out more about their great efforts or if you’re curious to make the leap into sustainability, check them out here or drop an email to [email protected]!

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