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Start your clinic with Plato and Sleek

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The prospect of opening a clinic will get any medical entrepreneur excited. You become the boss and gain full autonomy over operations. How you allocate your time and energy becomes vital; each task you personally manage comes at an opportunity cost. This could mean less time spent attending to patients, with loved ones, or growing the business.

Doctors and clinics that use Plato and Sleek find that their work gets automated and the day becomes easier.

Incorporating the business, hiring a corporate secretary, good accountant, and managing the books can consume more valuable time than you’d like. Sleek does the heavy lifting by making these processes effortless for entrepreneurs across Hong Kong and Singapore. Its efficient and accessible online incorporation, company secretary, and accounting services simplify growth, while offering business owners peace of mind.

Similar convenience is enjoyed by those who use Plato, Singapore’s most popular clinic management platform. Plato automates an employee’s worth of work—giving doctors and their staff time to focus on either spending more time with each patient, or seeing more patients.

As a platform, Plato goes beyond handling a clinic’s day-to-day operations to enable the sending and receiving of key information from other systems. Get lab and radiology results directly, send information straight to your accountant’s software, and even push information to patients on their preferred patient app. Clinics can think of Plato as being in the centre of all of the applications that they and their service providers use to run the clinic and engage patients.

Plato makes it easy for clinics to start and stay paperless, because it has an EMR doctors love. Plato centralises information, so doctors don’t get fatigued from switching screens. It’s also flexible, letting doctors decide how they want to manage their EMR. Every doctor practices a little differently—the only way to go paperless is to empower each doctor to manage their EMR their way. The fastest way to push doctors back to paper is by forcing them to adopt a workflow that doesn’t suit their practice. It is therefore paramount that an EMR be flexible.

When it comes to changing business conditions, Plato helps clinics stay adaptable. For example, when physical visits aren’t possible, doctors use PlatoConnect to remain accessible to patients through teleconsultations. Thanks to PlatoConnect’s ease of use and security, doctors can provide full virtual care to patients—local and foreign. PlatoConnect has everything doctors need, from registration to payment, so they can run a full virtual clinic instantly.

Why choose Plato?

Difficulty in hiring and retaining good employees within the private healthcare industry has made it vital for clinics to work smarter with automations. This frees the time of medical staff to focus on patients and complex, value-adding aspects of the business. Digitalisation of operations through a flexible clinic management platform that’s designed to grow with the business not only benefits staff and clinic partners, but also enables medical entrepreneurs to keep costs low through improved internal processes. Clinics can subsequently scale while remaining lean—a proven recipe for success.

Schedule a free demo now to discover how Plato can help support your clinic and learn more about how Sleek’s services can ease your business’ growth.

This guest post is brought to you by our friends at Plato, a clinic management platform with all the features you need to run a truly paperless clinic.

Find out more on their website!

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