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18 Prosperous Business Practices for Lunar New Year: Welcoming Wealth and Wisdom

As the Lunar New Year approaches, businesses worldwide are gearing up to welcome wealth, prosperity, and good fortune. This festive season is not just about lion dances and red envelopes; it’s also steeped in rich traditions and superstitions that can influence business success. 

So, as we prepare to usher in the lunar new year (in particular, the auspicious Year of the Dragon) let’s explore some lighthearted yet potentially lucrative Chinese and Asian superstitions that every business owner should know. Who knows? This might just be your key to unlocking a year of unprecedented prosperity!

1. Fear of Four: Why We’re Skipping the 4th Floor

In China and Japan, the number four is a bit of a no-go because it sounds too much like ‘death’. So, you’ll find loads of buildings missing a 4th floor – it’s straight from 3 to 5. If you’re doing business over there, dodging the number four isn’t just smart; it’s practically essential unless you fancy freaking out your clients or colleagues.

2. Lucky Numbers: Eight Is Your New Best Mate

Grab hold of the number eight whenever you can – it’s the golden ticket to wealth in Chinese culture. Slipping the number 8 into your prices or product lines might just sprinkle a bit of luck your way.

3. Colour Me Prosperous: Let’s Get Reddy

If your brand’s rocking a lot of black or white, you might want to jazz things up with a splash of red. In Asia, red is the way to go for luck and fortune. So, whether it’s your logo or your office decor, getting a bit red about the place could be a game-changer for attracting good vibes.

3A. Knocking on Hotel Doors: Don’t Wake the Ghosts

Ever thought of knocking on your hotel room door before barging in? It’s a thing – especially if you’re keen on avoiding any unexpected ghostly bunkmates. A quick knock lets the spirits know you’re coming, ensuring you get a peaceful kip without any spooky interruptions.

5. No Whistling at Night: Keep the Ghosts on the Down Low

In Asian superstition, whistling after dark is asking for ghostly company, and let’s be honest, who wants that? If your business keeps you up late, save the whistling for daylight to keep the eerie encounters strictly to horror films, not your office.

6. Swimming in Prosperity: The Aquarium Advantage

Incorporate the symbol of prosperity by featuring fish in your business, as they’re believed to attract abundance in many Asian cultures. But, you best be sure the water is clean, as this symbolises a flow of fortune. 


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7. Empty Your Plate: Don’t Offend the Rice Spirits

Leaving a bit of grub on your plate might seem harmless, but it’s a big no-no. It’s seen as a bit rude to the folks who’ve cooked for you and, on a more superstitious note, could even risk your future fortunes. So, clean your plate and keep the good times rolling.

8. Calling Babies Ugly: The Ultimate Anti-Evil Spirit Hack

Telling someone their baby is ugly might get you some strange looks (or a slap), but it’s a quirky way to fend off evil spirits. Weird? Definitely. Effective? Well, if you’re into keeping those pesky spirits at bay, perhaps. Just maybe pick your audience wisely.

9. Gifts in Pairs: Double the Luck, Double the Fun

When it comes to gifts, two is the magic number. It’s all about doubling the joy and good fortune. Just steer clear of gifting clocks or watches – unless you’re subtly suggesting someone’s time is up, which is probably not the message you want to send in a business context.

10. Flowers for Good Luck: Choose Your Blooms Wisely

Decking out your workspace with lotus flowers or peonies can boost your luck and prosperity vibes. But keep the chrysanthemums for the garden, as they’re not exactly the cheeriest of symbols for most business occasions. It’s all about picking the right flowers to foster a flourishing business environment.

11. Noodle Longevity: Don’t Cut Your Business Short

Serving up some long noodles without chopping them up is more than just a culinary preference – it’s a shout-out for a long and prosperous life (or business). So, whether it’s a team lunch or a big meeting, keeping those noodles long could be a tasty way to hint at a long-lasting enterprise.

12. Oranges for Wealth: A Citrusy Symbol of Gold

Oranges aren’t just a healthy snack; they’re also seen as symbols of gold and wealth. Having a bowl of these golden globes on display can be a zesty nod towards prosperity. Plus, they make for a pretty and practical decor choice.


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 13. Whole Chickens and Fish: Unity on the Menu

Serving up a whole chicken or fish isn’t just about impressing your guests with your culinary skills; it’s a symbol of unity and abundance. Perfect for that next corporate shindig to show your team is tight-knit and ready to tackle anything together. Plus, not only are spring rolls delish, but they’re also seen as little golden bars of wealth. So, tucking into these at your next business do isn’t just tasty; it’s practically an investment in your company’s prosperous future.

14. Avoid the Gift of Shoes: Don’t Walk Away from Good Fortune 

Thinking of gifting a pair of snazzy sneakers to a colleague? Maybe think again unless you’re hinting at them to take a hike. Shoes as gifts can imply walking away or separation – not exactly the vibe you want in a thriving business relationship.

15. Don’t Wash Your Hair on Chinese New Year’s Eve: Lock in That Luck 

Washing your hair on the eve of the Chinese New Year might just rinse away all your good fortune for the year. So, if you’re looking to kick off the year right, maybe skip the shampoo and hold onto that luck a bit longer.

16. The Right Date Matters: Timing Isn’t Just Everything; It’s the Only Thing

Launching a new product or kicking off a project? Picking an auspicious date could make all the difference. It’s not just about the stars aligning; it’s about giving your venture the best possible start in the cosmic sense.

17. No Open Umbrellas Indoors: Not Just Bad Manners

Popping open an umbrella indoors isn’t just a faux pas; it’s flirting with bad luck. Best to keep those brollies furled until you’re out in the rain, just to keep the good vibes flowing.

18. Avoid Mirrors in Front of Doors: Don’t Bounce Out the Good Vibes

Mirrors facing doors can send all that positive energy (and fortune) bouncing right out of your space. When it comes to setting up your office or shop, think about where you’re placing 

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Creating your own luck in 2024

Diving into these superstitions can be a laugh and add a bit of cultural zest to how you run your show. But let’s be real, the golden ticket to smashing it in business is working hard, playing it smart, and sprinkling in some of that magic dust called innovation. As we roll into the Lunar New Year, keep in mind that luck’s got a soft spot for those who are ready for it—and those folks tend to buddy up with Sleek for all their accounting and behind-the-scenes wizardry.  

May the coming year bring you joy, success, and the kind of luck that makes every challenge a stepping stone to greater heights. Whether you’re saying “新年快乐” (Xīnnián kuàilè) or “恭喜发财” (Gong hei fat choy), the sentiment is the same: wishing you a wealth of happiness and prosperity in the year ahead. 

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