How to start a cleaning business in Australia: Is it the right business for you?

Introduction: The cleaning industry is booming

In the wake of Covid-19, we have witnessed a surge in demand for commercial cleaning businesses in Australia. As people increasingly prioritise cleanliness and sanitation, it has become easier and more profitable than ever to set up your own cleaning business.

Over 150,000 people are employed in over 38,000 commercial cleaning businesses in Australia. The total market size as of 2022 is approximately Aus$ 9 billion, with a growth of 3.5%.

So, if you’re thinking about starting a cleaning business in Australia, this is the perfect time! If you’re all set to dive in and get going, keep reading. We’ve whipped up a quick guide to help you kickstart your very own cleaning business in Australia.

Why should you start a commercial cleaning service?

A commercial cleaning business is a promising and attractive idea for several reasons. The most important reason is very simple – there is a massive demand for these services. The cleaning services industry in Australia is expected to grow from approximately $56 billion in 2020 to over $111 billion by 2030. It is guaranteed to earn you a decent income.

The high demand for commercial cleaning services is not in fits and starts – it is a steady requirement because regular cleaning has become essential for safe and healthy environments in most commercial settings. Small businesses especially find it more economical to hire a commercial cleaning service to sanitise their premises.

The high demand for commercial cleaning services has created a seller’s market. As the owner of a cleaning company, you can literally pick your cleaning jobs. You have the flexibility of planning and scheduling your projects, allocating your resources for maximum profit and ensuring you only take on as much work as you can handle.

The work flexibility also extends to the range of cleaning services you can offer. There are several categories of commercial cleaning – from general office cleaning to specialised services like carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and more. This allows you to charge different rates for different services. You can also segment your customers and target the most profitable ones.

You can charge a premium rate if you decide to focus on a particular category and/or an audience segment. How? You can become an expert in that category and stand out better from the competition. You will also be able to provide exceptional customer service. All of which can be billed at a higher rate to your customers.

When we talk of cost, a commercial cleaning service requires very little investment, at least initially. You can start by investing in a basic service and scale up at a later stage. But whatever the size of your cleaning company, the returns on the investment will always be healthy, because customers are willing to pay for expert and professional service. 

Main types of services offered by commercial cleaning businesses in Australia

The most common types of cleaning jobs covered by commercial cleaning services in Australia are shown in this graphic: 

How to set up a cleaning business in Australia

At Sleek, we have put together this helpful guide to setting up your commercial cleaning business:

Step 1: Do your research

As a business owner, you must research the market to determine the cleaning services in high demand. You must analyse the competition and determine the core services of your cleaning franchise

Step 2: Register your commercial cleaning business and name

Tax and regulatory rules in Australia require that you have a suitable company name, business license and unique Australian Business Number. Before this, choose a suitable structure, such as a sole proprietorship, partnership, or company.

Use the services of Sleek to complete these mandatory formalities professionally and quickly so that potential customers recognise you as a legitimate business.

Step 3: Purchase the right equipment for your business

Now that you have registered your business, you need to invest in the right equipment and products. This is important whether you offer home cleaning or office cleaning. From a simple set of good-quality cleaning products to vacuum cleaners to industrial-grade tools, always have the right cleaning equipment. This will help you provide the best services and convert first-time customers to repeat customers

Step 4: Market your cleaning business

People can’t use your services if they don’t know you. You must advertise your commercial cleaning business regularly. However, you do not have to spend millions. All you need is a user-friendly website, regular posts on various social media channels, and digital advertising. This will create awareness of your business, draw in new customers, and engage existing customers for new offers. You can also use traditional advertising tools such as leaflets, radio, or print ads to promote your cleaning business.

Tips to market your cleaning business

  • Utilise social media platforms like Facebook and Nextdoor:
    • Search for local community groups.
    • Reach out to neighbors to promote your business.
  • Establish your business brand:
    • Cultivate a professional image.
    • Develop a robust brand identity.
  • Leverage your personal network:
    • Inform family and friends about your cleaning business.
    • Encourage them to become your initial clients and spread the word.
  • Implement referral programs to incentivise client recommendations:
    • Offer service discounts or other incentives as a token of appreciation.
  • Connect with local business owners for potential partnerships and referrals:
    • Target businesses such as pet stores, caterers, event planners, and realtors.
    • Reach out through cold calls or, even better, in-person visits.
  • If you have a company vehicle, utilise it as a mobile advertisement:
    • Apply decals or a vehicle wrap to display your business.
    • Park it strategically in public spaces to increase visibility.

Step 5: Manage finances efficiently

The best-planned companies can sink if finances are not managed properly. If you want to make more money than your competitors, you must manage your business expenses properly. Experts are best here – consider using Sleek‘s accounting and taxation services to streamline your financial operations.

Step 6: Recruitment and Training

As your cleaning business grows, hiring reliable and skilled employees becomes crucial. But we have also seen that the commercial cleaning business is growing fast, and skilled employees are not always easy to find and retain. Hire the best resources, and provide comprehensive training on cleaning techniques, customer service, and safety protocols to maintain high service standards.

And remember a happy employee is a productive employee. Pay their salaries on time! Use Sleek’s payroll solution to manage on-time salary disbursals to your employees 


Starting a commercial cleaning business in Australia offers a promising venture. Thorough market research, careful planning, and a strong online presence are essential for success.

Remember to register your business, leverage Sleek’s tax accounting services for seamless financial management, and consult with a tax accountant to handle taxation matters efficiently. You can always book a call with Sleek and talk to a cleaning business expert for personalised advice and insights. 


To start a commercial cleaning business in Australia in 2023, you will need to comply with certain legal requirements and local council regulations:

  • Business registration
  • Licensing & Permits
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Employment regulations 
  • In Australia, there are no specific qualifications required to start a cleaning business.
  • However, obtaining certifications or completing training courses in cleaning and sanitation can help you manage the quality of your services
  • Additionally, some clients may prefer to hire subcontractors with certified employees. Consider enrolling in courses related to cleaning techniques, chemical handling, or workplace health regulations and safety to provide better service and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Cleaning business owners in Australia may face challenges, such as:

  • Start up costs
  • Competition
  • Need to build trust
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Workforce management
  • Getting a business loan
  • and finally, getting the first client! 

Yes, you can start a cleaning business from home in Australia, but there are certain considerations to keep in mind:

  • Zoning regulations
  • Insurance coverage
  • Storage and equipment
  • No disturbance to neighbours

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