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Frequently Asked Questions

Crowdfunding involves the investment of small amounts of money from a large number of people. Both individuals and companies can set up crowdfunding campaigns and there are a number of different types of campaign. The most common are donation-based crowdfunding, securities-based crowdfunding campaigns and peer-to-peer lending. Financial advisors such as Sleek can guide organisations and people who are looking to crowdfund on which method will suit them best.

Crowdfunding offers a number of benefits. These include increased business exposure, feedback building and, most of all, the low risk that is associated with it as a method of fundraising. Individuals should also be aware of the cons, however, which are the amount of work that it can take to get a campaign off the ground and the risk to reputation if targets aren’t met. Financial advisors such as Sleek UK can streamline the entire process and help you make crowdfunding a success.

Almost anyone can participate in crowdfunding. On the investor side, individuals must have a high net worth and take regulated advice. On the business side, there are very few limitations. Financial advisors such as Sleek can help you decide whether crowdfunding is right for you.

As a general rule, you will only need to pay back the money you make through crowdfunding if you do not hit your fundraising target. However, this differs depending on which type of crowdfunding you use. With loan-based crowdfunding, for example, investors get their money back and usually with interest. Financial advisors such as Sleek UK can help you decide which type of crowdfunding is best for your business and advise on whether and how you’ll pay back loans.

Once you’ve decided which type of crowdfunding is right for you, you’ll need to pick a crowdfunding platform or method and then set up a campaign. The campaign will include a clear description of what you are crowdfunding for as well as a pitch that explores its USP’s. A financial advisor such as Sleek UK can help you throughout the entire process, from deciding on a strategy to finding investors.

No matter which type of crowdfunding you’re looking into, or even if you don’t know which method would be right for you, Sleek UK are here to support you at every stage. We can help you strategise about your investment and make relationships with investors more quickly. Our one-on-one consultancy service will be tailored to your business idea and your specific siutation.

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Trusted by thousands of UK businesses

I met Ed from Sleek when he was visiting our coworking space in London. After a quick chat, Ed explained how I could move my accounts online and also discussed R&D tax credits. His advice has been invaluable!

Victoria Haynes

CEO & Founder
Neon Hop

I truly wouldn’t be able to run my business without Sleek. Whilst I’m great at marketing and the sales side of running a business, I’m just not a numbers guy! Sleek has changed the way I look at an accountant.

Neil Smedley

King Koby Ltd

We’ve been with Sleek since the very beginning of our business. They helped with Seed EIS, R&D and implementing an online cloud bookkeeping system through Xero. Sleek has undoubtedly helped us grow our business.

Seb Francis

Co-Founder & Director
Titus Learning Ltd

Seb Francis

Titus Learning Ltd

We've been with Sleek since the very beginning of our business. They helped with Seed EIS, R&D and implementing an online cloud bookkeeping system through Xero. Sleek has undoubtedly helped us grow our business.

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