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Transparency, Efficiency and Innovation

When entrepreneurs decide to take the plunge and create their own business, surrounding themselves with the right partners is a key factor for success.

Complicated and costly administrative processes such as registering their legal entity and keeping up with all of the mandatory tax and regulatory compliance can make the life of a new entrepreneur unnecessarily complicated and divert them away from what should be their main focus at all times – their business!


This is why Sleek was created! To provide a 100% online platform to help entrepreneurs, investors and SMEs to effortlessly incorporate and manage all of the mundane (yet important) regulatory and tax requirements for Singapore and HK entities.


Do you want to create a company or launch a start-up in Singapore or Hong Kong? We’ve got you covered with our innovative, efficient and transparent solution!


The two founders of Sleek immediately understood the importance of digital transformation in Asia. To make life easier for entrepreneurs and investors, Sleek decided to become the first digital Corporate Secretary in Singapore.  


Today Sleek has helped more than 2,500+ companies and with their projects and continues to innovate daily to improve the lives of entrepreneurs and help them grow their business in Singapore and Hong Kong.  As of December 2019, Sleek raised $5M which is being poured into new tech features to improve the functionality of our platform. 


SleekSign is one of the latest innovations released in March 2020 to support our fellow SMEs and startups during the COVID-19 crisis. Our in-house developed digital signature is also free for all to use. It allows users to sign, submit and send documents completely online. Say goodbye to the paper and the traditional long courier!


To assist you to the best of our ability, Sleek has developed a series of short video tutorials for the most popular features requested and used by our clients. Everything is done to make the lives of entrepreneurs and investors easier.


One of our missions is to enable entrepreneurs to start up in Singapore and Hong Kong by helping them save time on administrative and legal tasks, without having to spend their entire budget on it. Sleek has been disrupting a legal industry long dominated by unnecessarily high fees, opaque pricing and poor customer experience. Our value proposition is a fully digital experience that features transparent pricing, and no hidden costs or hourly rates! 


When comparing it is important to know that the service you are comparing is like-for-like. For example, our Corporate Secretary package starting from $300/year is all-inclusive- the industry standard is to charge a fee any time you ask a question to your corporate secretary provider – a terrible and often expensive customer experience. So don’t hesitate to ask questions, the Sleek team will be happy to assist you. 


In addition to price transparency, we work hand in hand with similar-minded partners to help entrepreneurs grow their business faster. Because of the nature of our business, we have established many partners in a range of fields over time. They include legal, international tax advisory, IP, and Insurance firms, among others. 


As a customer of Sleek, you also get access to more than S$30k perks from our ecosystem of partners like AWS, Stripe, Hubspot to name a few. 


Thanks to the use of the latest technology, everything can be done within a click’s reach, allowing contractors to be more efficient and save time. Our customers can set up and maintain a company in Singapore and Hong Kong even without setting foot in the country. 


Our Sleek platform allows our clients to effortlessly integrate and manage all their regulatory, accounting and tax requirements, fully online.


As an online platform, we know that it is also important to enable an exchange with our customers. Sleek makes it a point of honour to understand the needs and accompany entrepreneurs throughout our mission.


It is often difficult and challenging for start-ups and companies to find the right online platform for their needs. Having helped more than 2,000 businesses in Singapore, we strive to innovate to meet the current needs of our clients. Sleek aims to help you in an efficient and transparent manner, assisting you as you bring your business to new heights.




Are you ready to register your business in Singapore?
Sleek can help you get started today using our online platform

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