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Business cards in 2022: 6 reasons why they remain relevant today and what to do when you don’t have one!

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One might make you believe that in today’s digital world where everything is online, a visiting card is so passé. But there are some traditional marketing tools that never go out of style. Case in point: the classic business card.

While you can quickly create a digital business card if you don’t have one, we suggest taking the time to design a physical one. Here are 6 reasons why they remain relevant today.


1. A classic, time-tested marketing tool

Not every conversation can be an elaborate marketing pitch for your business or yourself. Sometimes, you meet someone who is on a tight schedule or in-between meetings with only a few minutes to spare. This is the time when after the casual pleasantries you can simply hand over your business card which would have your name, contact details, and website link. This can save those awkward moments of taking out your mobile phone to physically save contact details, which can be done at one’s convenience later.

2. Affordable regardless of one’s budget

A standard print with no frills for 200 business cards can cost as low as S$17. That’s around 8 cents per card, which is incredible value for money. Of course, this cost can go way up the more you customise in terms of paper quality used, but the point is that cost isn’t a major factor when it comes to whether or not you should have a business card. There are options for all kinds of budgets out there.

3. Physical back-up when that smartphone battery dies

We have all been in those situations where our beloved smartphones run out of juice at the exact time when we need them the most. Having a physical business card around at that time to exchange contact details looks certainly better than clumsily scrambling for pen and paper, isn’t it?

4. The perfect first impression

First impressions do matter, and the same holds true for when you are meeting a potential client. Business cards are a handy tool for creating a solid first impression of your brand and products. A creatively designed business card with all the relevant information about your brand is a direct tool for marketing. Always carry a bunch of them in your laptop bag or purse when attending conferences, meetings, trade shows, or any such gatherings that have a scope of networking with the right set of people to create an impression that lasts. This little gesture shows you care about your work.

5. Personal touch that stands out

While exchanging a business card, you are not simply exchanging your brand details. It is also about building a personal rapport with your potential clients or customers. This tangible way of communicating is something that is amiss in digital business cards.

Additionally, what greater way to stand out by adding some personal flair to your business card? This could help in making yourself more memorable to others, and keep your business top-of-mind.

6. Cultural significance

Some countries consider exchanging business cards an essential component of good business practice. It can be to such an extent that not having one would appear unprofessional and even a tad offensive. Japan is a classic example of this, where exchanging a business card is critical to even begin a business relationship! It is actually considered a ritual and part of compulsory professional etiquette.

What to do when you don’t have a business card

Tired of managing a whole stack of paper cards, and looking for an eco-friendlier option for storing information? Or no matter how much anyone convinces you, you just don’t want a physical one? Switch to digital business cards that are not only easy to share with your clients but are also a very convenient way of storing information.

Unlike paper cards, digital business cards offer more space, and you can include a lot more information, including your social media details, a few lines of introduction, and other top highlights of your brand. A digital card is precisely what the name suggests, a non-physical, virtual business card that can be created and saved on your mobile or other handheld devices. Updating digital cards is easier as compared to physical ones, where you have to spend a decent amount on the cost of designing and printing a card again. Many online tools exist that can help you create a digital card for free or you could opt for a paid one if you want a more premium look. A simple Google search will throw up a host of options.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of information should I include in my business card?

Your name, business name, designation, contact details and website link are essential. At the back, you could have your company address if it’s a physical office or if not, a statement or one-liner that summarises what you do. Your business card should ideally look clutter-free with enough white space.

What is the standard size of a business card?

The size of standard business cards in Singapore, Hong Kong, and China is 90mm x 54mm (3.543 by 2.125 inches).

What kind of finish should I choose for printing?

It depends on your budget. Paper quality ranges from standard, matte to premium, super thick and glossy to vintage and eco-friendly.

Running a business can be cumbersome, and a good business card is only one of the many aspects that go into it. Contact Sleek for more information on creating the ideal business card as well as the ideal business!

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