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  • A free & unlimited e-signature tool for you to use

Incorporating a SPV & a Holding company has never been easier

We were tired of how frustrating it was to incorporate a company in Singapore, so we rolled up our sleeves and built the service we wanted.

Enjoy s$30,000 of perks

Hassle-free services

Company Incorporation

s$35  (excluding s$315 govt fees)

We won’t sting you with any hidden fees. It’s one cost to get you up and running. See what’s included in our all-inclusive package.


  • Checking and reserving company name
  • Preparing all registration forms
    Preparing your company constitution(memorandum & articles of the company)
  • Filing with ACRA
  • Resolution to open a bank account

Resident Director

s$1,500 / Year

Setting up from overseas? Use Sleek to fulfil your requirement to have a locally resident director on your company’s board.


  • Nominee director registration with annual renewal
  • 3-month and 6-month terms available for temporary nominee directorships

Due to the associated liability and non-executive nature of our Nominee Director service the terms of use include:

  • Joint take up of our all-inclusive Corporate Secretary package
  • Appointment of at least one other director (100% foreign ok) to make executive decisions
  • Take up of either one of our tax and accounting packages (starting from s$1,200/year) or else providing a refundable s$2,000 security deposit.

Registered Address

s$300 / Year

Need a virtual office address? Or setting up from overseas? We provide a fully registered Singapore office address & digital mailroom to be used for your company registration.

  • An address in Singapore to be used in your incorporation application with ACRA
  • Paperless mail forwarding – we scan and upload all your mail to our portal for your review (you’ll also receive a notification when this happens)
  • 1 GB for mail cloud storage (s$10/GB/year above 1GB)

Company Secretary


Tailored to your needs

/ Year

The price listed above excludes the mandatory s$60/Year ACRA fee (billed upfront)

We believe in a relationship and serve in your best interest, not one where you pay every time you pick up the phone. 

Pay one yearly fee and get unlimited access to the following common company secretary services in Singapore:

  • Preparation & filing of annual return 
  • Appointment of director/corporate secretary/auditor
  • Resignation of director/corporate secretary/auditor
    Change in officers’ particulars
  • Change of company name
  • Change of registered business address
  • Holding of AGM (if required) and filing of annual return
  • Declaration and distribution of dividends
    Change of financial year end
  • Change of principal business activities (SSIC Codes)
  • Share issuance & transfer (Ordinary & Preference)

Our yearly fee excludes the following activities that we can assist you with on an ad-hoc basic:

  • Strike-off: s$500
  • Other ACRA filing fees and penalties

For the preparation of any legal documentation outside of the above scope and any related board resolutions to enact these changes, we will be happy to connect you with our legal partners to support you.

All-in Accounting & Compliance


Tailored to your needs

Price per Month

Price per Year

Hassle-free bookkeeping, accounting, tax, and payroll services in Singapore. Flexible accounting prices based on expenses, for all kinds of businesses.

Pricing will be billed upfront annually & plans are based on Financial Year (not calendar year).

  • Set up & onboarding
  • Monthly bookkeeping
  • Unaudited financial statement
  • ECI & corporate tax return
  • Xero (Single currency) & Receipt Bank subscriptions
  • Payroll support with Talenox subscription
  • Monthly management report

Payroll support includes

one-time set-up of the company payroll details in Talenox payroll software, monthly payroll reports and payslip, employees access on the Talenox payroll software, CPF, SDL and Self Help Group (SHG) registration and process, IR8A/Auto Inclusion Scheme (AIS) for employees annual tax and IR21 tax clearance assistance for foreign employees. 

Upgrade of s$8 per employee per month if you need the following: Leave management feature (each employee will have access to monitor/apply for leave directly on the software) and batch payment TXT file GIRO for upload on the Company bank account.

Monthly management report includes

Balance sheet, income statement, general ledger, account payables summary, account receivables summary and schedules (i.e. fixed asset schedule).

Common add-ons to smaller plans – 

  • Multi-currency Upgrade: s$200/financial year
  • XBRL Report Preparation: s$500/financial year
  • GST Compliance: s$300/quarter or s$1,200/financial year

Get Fully Covered with Mandatory Tax Filings

  • Preparation of Unaudited Financial Statements: s$600
  • Preparation of ECI & Form C-S or Form C: s$500 I s$600

Tax Compliance for Group & Holding Companies

  • Consolidation of Group Accounts: from s$2,000
  • Group Unaudited Financial Statements: from s$1,200

Ad-Hoc Tax Support

  • GST Registration: s$400
  • XBRL Preparation: s$500
  • Reconstruction of Accounts: from s$1,200
  • Audit Compliance & Assistance: from s$1,500
  • Withholding Tax Filing: s$100 per filing

When considering an “expense”, we categorise it into operating vs. non-operating and fixed vs. variable.

  • Operating: Expenses a business incurs through its normal business operations.
  • Non-operating: Expenses that are not related to normal business operations.
  • Fixed: Expenses that does not change and remain the same every month, even though there may be an increase or decrease in business activity in sales or production.
  • Variable: Expenses that keep changing every month depending on the business activity in sales or production.

If you need more information, have a look at our accounting by expense FAQ.

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Aaron Lim
Cofounder, Privyr

“I can easily access documents on the platform from anywhere and when it comes to important issues, the Sleek team has always been very prompt and very consistent in providing advice.”

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Tiffany Chen
Founder, Techstyle

“Although Sleek is online based, we like the fact that there’s proactive customer support available. Having the ability to have a centralised dashboard allows us to easily keep track of all our documentation in Singapore and Hong Kong.”

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Camilo Paredes
Cofounder, CaterSpot

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A Special Purpose Vehicle, or SPV, is a separate legal entity in the form of a Private Limited Company that is created for a specific, narrow purpose – usually for investment. SPVs have gained popularity amongst startups and SMEs who typically use it during the funding stage.

Creating a SPV is easy! Simply take note of the following:

  1. Develop and confirm the right business structure for your SPV
  2. Incorporate your SPV through our services as a Private Limited Company
  3. Create a company constitution; the company constitution is a document that defines the company’s operations and purpose.
  4. You’re done!

Anyone can set up an SPV. Recently, it has gained greater popularity amongst startups as a means to secure funding.

Standard annual filing requirements apply to SPVs. However, two additional reports must be presented during the company’s Annual General Meeting:

  1. Consolidated Accounts of the company and its investments
  2. Balance Sheet dealing with the state of affairs of the holding company

These reports must be presented by the directors in accordance with Section 201(3A) of the Singapore Company Act and comply with the prescribed Accounting Standards (IFRS 10) to give a fair view of the company’s financial status. 

SPVs are also subjected to a corporate tax rate of 17 per cent. For more information, click here.

Our team of experienced accountants can help in providing advice and assistance in incorporating a SPV in Singapore. Reach out to us here and we’ll be happy to help!

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