A day in life of an intern at Sleek

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My day starts around 7AM (but that’s only because I live on the other end of Singapore).  I throw on some casual clothes, as long as I’m not meeting any clients that day.

This is probably a noteworthy difference between startups and big corporations: I have no pressure of wearing a blouse, dress pants and putting on makeup. I’m not saying you can’t dress more formally, just that it is optional. The optional dress-code atmosphere is great here.

Morning: Getting updated on the company

I get to work by 9AM. At the beginning of every week we have an all-hands morning meeting in our boardroom. In this meeting, everyone describes what they have completed in the last week and what they are working on now.


This is the time when you get to see the members from all the different teams: sales and marketing, tech, our corpsec team and accounting team, as well as HR. It’s exciting to see so many experts from different fields in one room together and I like getting an overview of what’s happening in the business.

Mid-morning: Individual working time

A full workday begins. At Sleek we have a very friendly environment. Although everyone works at his/her respective desk, our open-plan office means that everyone is approachable.


I check up on my to-do list and then have a daily review session with my manager. It’s like a daily check up so I can ask questions and we can update each other on what to work on next. It feels great when you are appreciated for contribution you make to the company. As an intern I help with organising content, community management and simplifying internal operational tasks. I also have long term projects such as event coordination.

Lunch: Hanging out with other interns

Lunch lasts for an hour, our office is surrounded by the best cafes and restaurants in town. Can’t forget to mention Lau Pa Sat being a minute’s walk from here. We frequently had team lunch in the boardroom and many times outside, which means more opportunities to bond with the team and with other interns.

Post-lunch: Research and prep work

After getting back to my desk, I might get into some research. My manager often gives me small research tasks on how to best optimise our posts across social media which helps me learn best practice.


I also look for articles that could be repurposed into social media posts. I create captions and images that fit each article, and once approved, schedule the posts using social media management tools. This helps keep Sleek active on social media, while giving me valuable experience in content marketing.

Mid afternoon: Little snacks & meetings

 I usually make a trip to the pantry for a little snack, or sometimes a coffee session with the other interns. On some days in the later afternoon I get the chance to participate in meetings. One day my manager and I sat down with the accounting team and had a discussion about about their onboarding process – we used this in our case studies and gained a lot of knowledge about how that team works.

End of day: home time!

This is a typical day… of course not every single day is this exact description. There are days where we have unexpected meetings, new hirees, or other unpredicted things happening. To be honest, no two days are quite the same!



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