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Reviews on Google, Trusted by 5,000+ businesses


Google Reviews, Trusted by 5,000+ businesses

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There are many hoops to jump through when it comes to preparing and applyng for a visa. We've seen it all before and know the best practices for each type of pass.

No more research required. We can take this task off your hands, and you’ll have time to tick other HR tasks off your To-Do list.
Our expert immigration team knows the process through and through. Ask away, and we’ll guide you through each step if needed.
See our list of prices below and remember – if your application is unsuccessful we won’t charge you the full price! No hidden fees here.
We can process Employment Passes and dependent passes without you needing to step foot on transporation.

Acquiring employee visas has never been so easy.



Choose your Immigration Pass
Select the immigration pass you would like to apply for.


Provide all the details
Fill in the application form and provide the necessary documents for us to go ahead.


We manage the discussions with MoM
We’ll take care of the back-and-forth with the MInistry of Manpower during the whole process.


Congratulations – your employee is eligible to work! Upon approval, we’ll manage the issuance of your pass.

Acquiring employee visas has never been so easy.

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Easily access documents on the platform. Sleek team has always been very prompt in providing advice.

Tiffany Chen Founder, Techstyle

Highly recommended to anyone starting a company so that they can focus on their product growth.

Aaron Lim Co-founder, Privyr

Sleek has been seamless and easy to use. It is fuss-free and customer service has been really good.

Daniel Ong Co-founder, Mbanq LABS

Sleek stood out to us because of the prompt replies that they gave whenever we needed help.

Mareen Liang Co-founder, Kombynation

    Tackle immigration complexities with Sleek.

    Visa packages for your unique needs

    Employment Pass application


    (excl. MOM fee of S$330)

    This visa is designed for managers, executives and skilled professionals.

    Dependant’s Pass application


    (excl MOM fee of S$360)

    Allows work pass holders to bring certain family members to Singapore. DP holders can live in Singapore and also work and study with a Letter of Consent (LOC) from the Ministry of Manpower.

    Letter of Consent application (LOC)


    (No MOM fees)

    The LOC is designed for Dependent Pass holders looking to work in Singapore.

    S Pass application


    (excl. MOM fee of S$205)

    This visa is designed for mid-level skilled workers.

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    Trusted by 5,000+ businesses

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    Reviews on Google

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    When applying for an EP for yourself (as the business owner) or a potential employee, you will need to submit 3 standard documents in PDF along with your Employment Pass form:

    – Copy of your passport
    – Company’s latest business profile registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).
    – Your educational certificates (diploma, degree certificate etc. must be translated by a certified translator).

    If you are an employer, read our article on applying for an Employment Pass. For more general information on what is required for an Employment Pass, click here.

    Yes. If you wish to become a Singapore permanent resident, you can apply through the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA). The application will be assessed based on ICA’s PR criteria.
    Foreigners who are not residing in Singapore, e.g. Social Visit Pass holders, don’t need to apply for an EP to be a registered director of a company.
    You can renew your employment pass with us by supplying a copy of your EP, a copy of your passport, your residential address, and your monthly salary in SGD – we can take care of the rest.
    Yes, an Employment Pass holder is allowed to own shares in a Singapore-registered company.
    You should ask the new employer to apply for a new Employment Pass for you. There is no need to cancel the existing EP before applying for a new one.

    Your application will be considered based on its merits and under prevailing guidelines.
    Yes, but only if the EP holder has obtained a Letter of Consent (LOC) from MOM.

    We recognise that secondary directorship positions in related companies, e.g. subsidiary, may be critical to the EP holder’s job role. As such, we would generally allow EP holders to take up such secondary roles by granting an additional “Letter of Consent”.

    If the secondary directorship position is in an unrelated company, e.g. fund entities, we may still grant the LOC if it is relevant to the EP holder’s primary occupation.
    You will have to submit a new Employment Pass application for your S Pass holder. There is no need to cancel the S Pass while doing so.

    You also don’t need to advertise on the Jobs Bank.
    No, employers of S Pass holders will not have to make Central Provident Fund (CPF) contributions for them.
    No, an S Pass holder cannot be a director or sole-proprietor of a business. If you are an S Pass holder who wants to set up a business in Singapore, you should terminate your current employment and apply for an EntrePass or Employment Pass.
    No, there are no marriage restrictions on S Pass holders.

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