Venture Capital firm on the blockchain picks Singapore to launch their services

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When setting up a blockchain VC firm in another country, you need to partner up with companies that you can trust. Read our latest case study about how a Philippine-based company was able to incorporate their company completely through our online platform.

The beginning of something new

After having previous ventures in Manila, the founders of Alpha Omega Capital Partners (AOCP) decided to expand their business and start something new in Singapore. Part of the new frontier of VC funds, AOCP focuses on core infrastructure projects building the emerging security token ecosystem.

What does that mean, exactly? Well, in the world of ICOs (where a company does a round of funding using cryptocurrency), security tokens allow individuals to participate in fundraising efforts and receive ‘tokens’ that can hold special rights, such as getting dividends, profit sharing, and voting rights. Security tokens are regulated, unlike ICOs.

For the VC industry, having a security token VC fund opens new ways  to raise capital. It also means that investors don’t have their money ‘locked up’ for decades like in traditional VC firms – if an investor wants to exit, they can sell their tokens online in exchanges anytime.

Cofounder and General Managing Partner at AOCP, Anderson Tan, shares how he became determined to help build the security token ecosystem, which is one of the first few in the world.

“I had been trading stocks for over a decade besides being a serial entrepreneur and angel investor”, he said, “But last year I got into cryptocurrency and while doing that, I decided to focus on blockchain technology alongside it.”

Finding a tech-savvy company secretary

Given the futuristic business idea and industry, Anderson and his partners, Jay Fajardo and Carlo Cojuangco decided to partner up with Sleek for company secretary services.

“We wanted someone who we can trust and had worked with before, and had used Sleek’s services before in another one of our ventures called Proud Cloud”, says Anderson.

“They ‘get’ technology, and understood what we were doing – and having a platform to manage my compliance is definitely a plus point.”

“They ‘get’ technology, and understood what we were doing – and having a platform to manage my compliance is definitely a plus point.”

Service-first with Sleek

As well as understanding the industry and requirements of the company, Sleek also provided fast and efficient service. Anderson is quick to praise the team, and his assigned company secretary, Diana.   “We were very satisfied with the services provided by Sleek – everyone is so friendly. ”

“And Diana – Diana is amazing! She is a real asset. Everyone is always so helpful and if we have queries about the company or about governance, they always answered promptly.”

“If we have queries about the company or about governance, they always answered promptly.”

The team is familiar with the hustle of keeping your company compliant while managing your business.

Anderson says, “We tried asking some legal counsels for assistance but their rates were high and they would take over a month to incorporate.  At Sleek, it could all be done in a couple of weeks, from the moment we got in touch with them.”

Growing businesses, and what’s next for AOCP

Anderson is also a partner at a local incubator and accelerator called Launch Garage with over 30 startups in their portfolio, where entrepreneurs can get advice, mentorship, networking, strategic partnerships and access to funding for their startups.

He adds, “I will definitely recommend Sleek to anyone who asks, like my friends in the startup industry, portfolio companies of Launch Garage or anyone who directly pitches to us through AOCP.”

With AOCP being fairly new, Anderson says, “I am going to be travelling quite a bit from January onwards around Asia  and USA, raising funds for my VC firm. I’m optimistic that 2019 will be an exciting year for us in the startup and blockchain scene.”

He adds, “With AOCP being a security token VC fund, it will be listed on security exchanges all over the world. We want our security tokens to be available for trading 24/7 in the near future.”

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