Webinar Recap: How to recruit, manage and retain top talents

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Since the start of Covid 19, many people have lost their jobs, and sometimes, even having to change industries. All these changes have pushed the human resources industry to reinvent itself and adapt to the new needs of companies. 


During our webinar held on September 10th 2020, Sleek’s Head of business development and partnership – Daniel Spencer, was joined by Andrew Tan – Country Manager at Wantedly and Gordon Ng – CEO of Talenox to discuss smart strategies to recruit and retain talents during this crisis. 


Talenox is a cloud-based HR software designed to manage payroll and leave, as well as to store precious employee details from a central location. Currently available in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia, Talenox is fully integrated with Xero’s accounting software and Quickbooks Online.


Wantedly is a Tokyo-based technology company that offers a social recruiting and employer branding platform. It focuses on employer branding so as to connect employers and talent based on motivation and culture. Wantedly has expanded internationally, including in Singapore and Hong Kong.


Here are some highlights from our webinar!

How important is the digitalisation of the HR industry for companies and small businesses?

Gordon Ng discussed how the coronavirus crisis has changed the HR industry in a very short span of time. From a HR and payroll perspective, companies that were more “old school” before the lockdown had to make big changes to the way they work. Covid-19 has in this sense, sped up the digitalisation of companies that were reluctant to change before the crisis. 


With regard to the recruitment process, Gordon pointed out that the digitisation process was not that simple. Take video interviews for example – it is surely more complicated and challenging to see whether a candidate is the right fit over a video call simply because it’s more difficult to see the candidate’s personality and body language. 

Is there an imbalance between the number of people looking for work and the number of companies looking to hire?

Many people have lost their jobs due to coronavirus and many companies are no longer hiring due to lack of budget. Andrew Tan discussed how HR has become the most important function in corporations during Covid-19. Job seekers have increased significantly and Wantedly’s user activity has also increased because inactive users are coming back.


Wantedly has created a list of companies that are still hiring during the crisis to help people in their job search. They also give the name of companies that have already frozen headcount so the people looking for a job don’t waste any time.

How to find the right talent among all candidates ?

According to Andrew Tan, if you want talent – it’s important to communicate and promote your employment brand. Failure to do so will result in immense difficulty to attract talented individuals. Employer branding allows companies to engage talents early, even before they join your company. During Covid-19, you should engage with the talent you’re interested in so you’ll be ready when your company can hire again.


It is also important to share your employer value proposition with talents,  or the way you want to be perceived by them. This can aid you in creating and managing expectations, so that new hires can prepare for life in your company. This prevents them from leaving ‘too early’. Engage them early and let them know what the work environment is like, while not forgetting to introduce team members and explaining the company’s work values.


What are some of the smart ways to make things smoother for candidates and hiring companies?

As a recruiter, you must involve as many people from your team as possible in the recruitment process and not be dependent on the hiring cycle. You can also use platforms such as Wantedly to continue engaging members as well as new talents. 


When you encounter a crisis period like Covid-19 for example, employer branding should continue to be of utmost importance to the company. Make efforts to keep the morale of employees high in this difficult time.  


How to keep the company’s morale?

Staff morale affects your company’s success. During times like this, it’s important to keep your staff happy and motivated. Human connection is more important than ever during this pandemic. Not being able to dine with friends or interact with coworkers has put a strain on the companies’ morale. 


Andrew discussed how adding new faces to the team can help to keep the morale of your company. Not every company can do that during the crisis, so he suggested to remain engaged with your work family by spending online time together. Managers should also make efforts to cultivate a habit of checking on team members. For example, when you start your team meeting, try to catch up with all your coworkers instead of just diving into the key agenda. When you have a new joiner, spend some time on teaching, mentoring and coaching them. Developing human capital is critical for HR.


For smaller teams, Gordon suggested using the right digital tools like Slack to stay in touch with team members. He recommended organizing events such as birthdays or anniversaries for your team members. According to several studies, the Covid-19 is making the working day longer for many employees. Gordon Ng also advised managers to pay attention to employees’ work hours and not to hesitate to ask them to rest. 


Watch the entire webinar session below!

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