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She Loves Tech is a global initiative, showcasing the convergence of the latest trends in technology, entrepreneurship, innovation and its impact on and opportunities for women, which includes a global startup competition and international conference series.

Our intern, Priyanka Sharma, attended the She Love Tech Singapore pitch finals and came out more inspired than ever.  She shares her experience with our marketing manager Liz Fox below.

So, why did you decide to go to this event?

Because I’m a woman in tech, for one! With a gender gap still existing in the industry, I was interested to see examples of inspirational women doing well in the tech world.  I wanted to be there, listening and supporting innovative ideas produced by these entrepreneurs.

And how was it?

The atmosphere there was incredibly uplifting. There were so many talented women eager to share their ideas with everyone. What made it amazing and was unexpected (for me at least) was that there were lots of men in attendance as well, cheering the ladies on.

I think it is important to get support from whoever you can. It must be a fantastic feeling standing up there, sharing your idea and seeing the crowd applauding for you and appreciating your effort and impact in the world.

Definitely! So do you think you would attend other industry events like this in the future?

I would love to attend other She Loves Tech things in the future. After just attending one event, I feel so inspired. Opportunities like this give me a space to decide where my interests are and how to pursue it wholeheartedly – even starting up a business if I want.  Also, I would love to listen to more inspiring women share their startup story. There is always so much to learn from others.

Would you recommend this event to your friends?

I already have! During the event, I messaged a couple of friends! [Editor’s note: I did too!] Even my male friends responded back with supportive remarks. She Loves Tech better put out extra chairs – for the  next event, I am 100% going to attend… and so will my friends.

What startups did you get to learn about?

Since it was the pitch finals for Singapore, we saw nine extraordinary startups up against each other. Each one of them had such different businesses and issues to solve. The startups were:

  • AIMLedge: Enabling intricate machine models to fit on small devices
  • CarePod: Providing a premium range of pet air travel products and services
  • Dipp: Helping companies tell stories through digital marketing campaign creations
  • d’Optron: Combining AI algorithms and 4D vision technologies
  • Fractal Blockchain: Creating a platform for KYC and AML compliance for ICO offerings
  • Lily: Building a health tracking system which records and tracks health data
  • Limitless: Allowing millennials to start investing at a young age
  • Musiio: Using AI to help the music industry curate tracks
  • See-Mode: Developing interdisciplinary solutions to bring state-of-the-art research into the hands of clinicians

Each one of them had such unique business ideas and I hope they achieve great heights. CarePod particularly inspired me because pets are such an important part of a family – it was a solution for an issue dear to many people’s hearts, and in such an ambitious industry (air travel).

What did you learn from this event?

I came out of this event feeling full of positive energy. I realised that an idea might be small, but if you are passionate about something, you should not hold back. This made me start thinking about the things I may be passionate about, and productive ideas have already started coming to mind.

After this event, I also know there are women all around me who I can go to for advice. It’s reassuring to know I am not in this alone and that this is the time I can step ahead and pursue what I desire.

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