Founder Fridays: Paul Tenney from Ematic

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This week in our Founder Fridays section we are covering Paul Tenney from Ematic. Let’s kick right into it.

1. In a couple of sentences, tell me what your business does.

AI-driven digital marketing optimization software.

2. What are 3 words that describe Year 1 of your company?

Focus. Execute. Growth

3. What are you thankful for?

The people that form and help build Ematic Solutions.

4. What is the single achievement you are most proud of?

Creating a successful company that employs over 100 people and operates in 9 countries.

5. What was the hardest thing you’ve dealt with in the last year?

Maintaining the growth of the company amidst various business challenges.

6. What is an important lesson you learned?

It’s critically important to hire only the people that has the best fit and to properly train and develop them.

7. Looking ahead: What is your plan for Year 2?

Grow the company even more.

8. Where do you learn new things? The internet? Mentors?

Internet and supportive investors.

9. It’s a marathon not a sprint… How will you avoid burnout?

Be very focused at work to maximize productivity, which allows me to spend time with family.

10. What’s next for your company?

We are going to grow into a bigger company and make Ematic known world-wide.

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