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Register a company in the Metaverse, pay zero taxes!

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The future is here, and it looks Sleek. You’ve heard of the metaverse and the possibilities this new virtual-reality space holds, but do you know what it can do for your business?

Embrace decentralization as your next corporate move, by registering your organization in the metaverse with us. And pay zero taxes. Forever. The absence of local governance and authority in the metaverse makes it the obvious choice for businesses that are seeking friction-free growth to take their startup out of this world – literally.

“We realized that a lot of our clients were worried about taxes. Then we realized that there is no Revenue Department in the metaverse. So no Revenue Department = no taxes,” said Adrien Barthel, Chief Growth Officer, who is relocating next month to the metaverse to lead that initiative from the ground. The team previously conducted a small pilot with clients, and was encouraged by the positive response.

Ready to register your business within the metaverse? That’s where Sleek comes in.

The metaverse: friction-free growth

Our one-stop offer for all your metaverse business needs:

  • 100% digital incorporation
  • Customizable avatars of you and your team (now with legs!)
  • 1 acre of virtual land to build your office
  • Free and unlimited supply of tokenized coffee beans, produced sustainably in eColombia
  • Premium access to VR game ‘Tax” – to remind you how it feels to pay taxes
  • Mint NFTs of your accountant’s profile picture
  • Complimentary NFT of your logo

Jump on this exclusive offer today to join our beta testing program. We’ll even throw in 5 years of complimentary services for your business to the first user who registers, only on this special day.

NFTs of your worst tax return

There has always been a special connection between clients and tax returns. Some go as far as saying it’s a love story, with the good, the bad, and everything in between. This is why we have decided to mint NFTs of our clients’ worst tax returns. Tax returns will be redundant in the metaverse, so we needed to think of new ways to help clients monetize them. The ape NFT craze is a thing of the past – the future is tax return NFTs. Are you onboard?

A parallel dimension with limitless potential

Since day one, our mission has been to allow anyone to start a business quickly and easily, whether in today’s world or now the metaverse. “With our Web3 roadmap rollout, we are incredibly excited to enable entrepreneurs to catapult their business into a new world, without the friction and inefficiency of today’s economy and regulatory landscape,” shares Adrien.

“We already got rid of all the inefficiencies coming with accounting and compliance, so a Web3 extension was a natural move for us,” added Julien Labruyere, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder. And remember, if it sounds too good to be true, that’s because it IS.

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Although this offer may be fake, our 100% digital incorporation isn’t.

On every day of the year (besides today), we’re here 24/7 with services that aim to remove the hassle from your business hustle.

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