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Where Can You Find Your Hong Kong Employees?

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A business is only as good as its employees. The force that moves things forward every day, the individuals that fulfil their duties regularly, that is what either makes a business a success or a failure.

It is important to be careful and select the best people for your organization. And that can sometimes be a difficult task, with so many choices involved:

  • How should you do it? Are you willing to post job ads everywhere, take in each candidate, and evaluate things yourself?
  • Should you hire someone else in Hong Kong to do that for you?
  • Maybe you’ll try to go with as few employees as possible and outsource the rest of the workload?

Hong Kong is a great place brimming with great people. But how can you be sure that your new hire is the rockstar that can help your business bloom?

Luckily, below are listed the best places where you can find employees for your Hong Kong company.


When looking for your potential employees, it is wise to check out local websites that are specialized in recruitment. These are the websites in Hong Kong that display job listings.

Both companies and employees can visit those websites to either find a job or find an employee.


CPJobs is a really good recruitment website that is praised by many companies in Hong Kong.

It is one of the most popular job hubs in the region. Its design is modern but practical and the user-interface is not difficult, so finding the right fit for your positions will not be a problem on CPJobs.

The predictive recommendation feature allows candidates to easily access the right job opportunities.

On the other hand, recruiters can also benefit from increased exposure as the job ads are proactively but selectively shown to the best-matched candidates. As a result, this increases the number and quality of applications a company receives.
If you want to use a reputable platform that always lists numerous professionals across different fields looking for job opportunities, CPJobs is a great option.


JobsDB takes pride in the fact that their portal operates more widely than just in the region of Hong Kong. Actually, this job portal lists opportunities and talented candidates located in:

  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Indonesia
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Thailand

That is why many regional job seekers always visit JobsDB when seeking employment. JobsDB also emphasizes the fact that their team has over a thousand individuals
contributing to the well-being of the platform. This guarantees a strong presence in all the locations where they offer their services.

The professionals working behind this portal have a great understanding of each market in the region. Additionally, they are always gathering important insights to better help both the companies looking for talent and the job-seekers themselves.

Therefore, JobsDB, an organization that opened its doors in 1998, is a worthy option and definitely deserves its place on this list.

University forum boards

Various universities have their own forums where students can meet online for discussions, studying, and even internships and job opportunities.

To be precise, IT departments of various educational institutions receive job listings from companies. In order to help students find the right opportunity, they create a board and post job ads on it.

Let’s take a look at a few forums of this kind where one can post a job ad for Hong Kong students.


JIJIS is a one-stop online job platform designed for employers and university students. This job platform was created by UGC-funded (University Grants Committee) educational institutions of Hong Kong.

The platform offers online recruitment services to current students and fresh graduates of full-time UGC-funded programs. These services are free both for employers and job-seekers.

There are eight institutions included in JIJIS:

  1. The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  2. City University of Hong Kong
  3. The Education University of Hong Kong
  4. Hong Kong Baptist University
  5. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  6. The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
  7. Lingan University
  8. The University of Hong Kong

Considering the number of educational institutions that are offered, recruiters enjoy the merits of a huge talent pool. That, of course, makes JIJIS a fantastic place to find talented people.


Cedars, the Center of Development and Resources for Students of the University of Hong Kong, offers a well-rounded platform brimming with useful features both for students and employers.

The center takes special pride in the fact that they offer a platter of high-quality co-curricular programs and plenty of placement resources. These include career advising, recruitment talks, a job platform, a preparation program, internship opportunities, and so on.

The mission of Cedars is to nurture students to become a global talent. Each student should possess professional competencies and an entrepreneurial mindset.

The institution is passionate when it comes to inspiring and supporting students to explore and find the right career choices. However, the students also have a chance to enjoy various forms of help when acquiring the right skills.

Cedars works with employers and the community with the aim of selecting only the best potential businesses where the students can thrive.

Recruitment agencies

There are quite a few recruitment agencies in Hong Kong that have proven records of finding the best candidates for many positions. It would be wise to look carefully and find a reputable agency. Below you will find a few agencies of that kind.

Michael Page

Choosing Michael Page is never a mistake. This is one of the leading recruitment consultancies specialized in the recruitment of permanent and temporary positions on behalf of many prominent companies.

PageGroup has offices in many parts of the world, operating in a grand total of 36 countries! Their business hubs can be found in cities such as London, New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and others.

Finding the right match for your company is an easy task for Michael Page. The expertise of this agency has outmatched almost every other agency of this kind.
The company covers sectors such as:

  • Finance and accounting
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Legal
  • HR
  • IT
  • Banking


Adecco is a famous name that is well-known in almost every part of the world. The company has over 5,200 branches and more than 32,000 full-time employees working to find the right talent for companies such as yours.

This company was founded in Europe, but soon they realized how important it is to expand and help entrepreneurs and professionals from all corners of the globe find what they are looking for.

Fortunately, Adecco is present in Hong Kong too. It successfully helps over 500 people get a good job on a yearly basis in Hong Kong alone. Additionally, at any one time, they have over 3,500 on-hire employees putting their skills to good use.

Hiring events and job fairs

Finally, both employers and job-seekers can attend hiring events and job fairs. Since Hong Kong is a buzzing place where dozens of business persons flock every year, there is an abundance of these events. Take a look at a few such events below.


The Labour Department of the government regularly hosts large-scale job fairs all across Hong Kong. There is a large number of vacancies from many trades and industries where job-seekers can apply.

On-site interviews are possible if an employer wishes to conduct recruitment as soon as possible.

On top of that, the Labour Department hosts job fairs in 12 job centers and three recruitment centers for the catering, retail, and construction industries.

Hong Kong Tech and Startup Job Fair

The Hong Kong Tech & Startup Job Fair aims at connecting the right talent to some of the best Hong Kong-based startups.

Since the Hong Kong startup scene is still growing, a job fair of this kind was started to attract even more entrepreneurs and talents from all around the globe.

This Job Fair #13 is a part of Startup Impact Summit 2020 by WHub, which is the core event of the StartmeupHK Festival.

The location of this event is Hall 5E, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, 1 Expo Drive Wan Chai, HKI Hong Kong.

Education and Careers Expo

HKDTC Education & Careers Expo will be organized in Hong Kong Conventions and Exhibition Center in July 2020.

The event aims at showing the companies news about Hong Kong SAR and China, related to sectors such as business, HR, education, and professional training.

This expo is organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and it brings together employers in contact with potential recruits.

Additionally, it also connects educators and professional bodies for skills improvement and professional qualifications attainment.

This fair usually lasts for four days. It was held at the beginning of February the past few years, but due to the current situation in the world, it has been postponed.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, you are now aware of the numerous ways that you can use to find the right person for your company. Bear in mind that you don’t necessarily need to stick to only one method.

Try out fairs and recruitment agencies, or mix job boards and college forums.

The choice is all yours. Either way, try to find out what works best for your business depending on the number of employees and skill sets you are seeking, as well as your budget.

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