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4 Things to Do When Hiring Your Team

6 minute read

Your business might have the greatest potential ever seen and the right investors behind it. However, if it does not have a stellar team to support and guide it through the crucial phases, it could all amount to nothing.

What’s more, 65% of businesses fail due to managerial problems. This implies that it is crucial to start at the top and then expand the team as the resources start growing.

If you believe that you can go it alone, you might be in for an unpleasant surprise. Solopreneurs take three to four times longer to scale when compared to startup teams of two or more people.

So, what exact steps should you take when you start choosing your new team members?


1. Define your business goals and hiring

When you have your business goals and values in mind, you will have a clearer picture of what your new employees need to be like. These will help you find better matches and also narrow down the skills and qualities you are looking for in workers.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to find the right people that will reflect your business’s values and share the same passion for growth as you do. In the early phases, this is even more difficult due to limited resources.

Consider picking someone who might not be as experienced as you would like them to be. Then, try to shape that person in a way that suits your business best.

Make sure that you communicate the values and objectives clearly to your new recruits. These individuals need to know what you want to achieve with your business and how they are going to contribute to it.

The bigger picture also needs to be obvious because some people will not invest their effort and time in a business if they can’t really see the potential growth and benefits that the business might bring them.

At the end of the day, most employees are there to get a paycheck every month and support themselves and their families.

So, you need to define and align your goals with the characters of people you are hiring. These individuals need to strengthen your leadership and represent your brand the way you want it to be represented.

2. Determine what can (and what can’t) be outsourced

Your business has to have in-house employees that come to the office every day to work. Business owners should think about outsourcing anything they aren’t good at.

If you’re planning to outsource overseas, consider employment visas for your workers. But only outsource the roles that are not essential to your core business. One day, when your business grows, you may consider bringing them in-house.

In the early stages, there are several roles that can be outsourced to freelancers and external service providers. Some companies do it to save money while some outsource tasks that they believe a third party will do better.

These roles are usually not considered essential and it is not uncommon to outsource them overseas. There are a few common business areas that are outsourced and you should consider outsourcing them too.

Accounting, finances, and secretarial roles

Accounting and finances are generally among the most common areas that small businesses choose to outsource. Businesses that do not have financial professionals on board and have a limited budget often outsource this area overseas.

Moreover, some choose to outsource this to a proven company due to reliability and safety. Many businesses that are now fully-fledged international authorities in their respective industries outsourced this area to Sleek and they are still using Sleek’s services in the fields of corporate secretary, accounting, and financial advising to this day.


Companies that want to accelerate growth often hire third-party marketing businesses to achieve this. This usually covers ad design, content creation, and social media marketing. When these areas are done by an external contractor, the business itself has more time to focus on important tasks.


Last but not least, some businesses outsource administrative duties such as virtual assistant services. This practice is loved by solopreneurs and entrepreneurs who work out of a home office.

You can find virtual assistants that can handle everything from inbox management and scheduling to social media posting. Additionally, some claim that VAs can be found at relatively low prices (as little as $10 per hour).

3. Consider company culture

The issue of company culture is the most overlooked aspect when it comes to hiring. Many businesses pay little to no attention to how a potential employee fits in the given culture at the office.

However, believing in the right principles and having the right values is almost as important as having the right skills. These values are affecting the organization’s culture and they are what sets your business apart from other businesses.

If you fail to find the people that will share your company’s values, problems will ensue.

Why? It’s simple. If your employees are not ready to share your values, they will not be willing to share the same passion for your company’s mission.

On the other hand, people who are aligned with your values will enjoy working at your company. They will be happy and that is why they will perform at a higher level.

Keep in mind that people who love their job but are miserable at the office provide poor quality performance that affects the bottom line without a doubt. This is another important reason to place special focus on your company culture and try to find workers who are willing to share these values.

4. Create a hiring roadmap

Creating and having an employee hiring roadmap can help your business pinpoint when and where additional expertise is necessary.

For a start, you should define intrinsic characteristics, skill levels, experience, and key competencies for the ideal candidate. If you have set up your company with one or more partners, make sure that you have a meeting with them to discuss these requirements and analyze what worked well in the past.

When your company has a clear hiring roadmap in place, it can effectively communicate its needs for the position and this allows for a thorough hiring process. With a clear roadmap, your recruiters can ramp up quickly without the usual trial and error resulting from a recruiter working on an unfamiliar position.

Help your company and its recruiters by answering these questions:

  • What will work best in the crucial departments that will help you reach your objectives and goals?
  • What characteristics do you want in your most successful workers?
  • What education and experience requirements are best suited for the positions at your company?
  • What personality characteristics and traits fit best with your company culture?

It would also be wise to consider factors such as career path, compensation, benefits, and perks.

The roadmap has to cover these issues when making your first hire:

  • What will your startup look like in one, two, three, and five years?
  • Think about your revenue goals, market penetration/adoption goals, and geographic or product expansion plans.
  • What do you need to do to reach your goals? Try to identify the specific activities required.
  • What resources do you need to reach these goals? Try to identify the knowledge and skills these activities need from future employees.
  • How much is the plan going to cost and how are you going to pay for it?

Wrap Up

Building your team of superstars is like an art, a fragile skill that involves people. It includes a collective set of emotions, desires, self-propelled goals, purposes, and different types of personality.

Every single person has feelings, ideas, and desires. In order to retain them, you need to accommodate them. It is not an easy feat but it is worth it. After all, these individuals will carry the company with you to success or failure.

If you need any help securing employment visas for the talent from overseas, feel free to contact Sleek.

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