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What is property all risks insurance​

How many times have you heard of someone’s pipe leaking or bursting and causing a home or a commercial premise to be unusable for a period of time? For businesses, the added impact is the inability to operate and earn revenue during the period of interruption.

Property insurance protects the business premises from unexpected incidents that impact the company financially. It is a standard cover purchased by companies that own or rent a commercial or industry space to operate the business.

Cost of cover starts from as low as HKD 1,146.

What does property all risks insurance​ cover

This insurance covers a range of cost related incidents at the insured business premises, such as:

  • Damages to the property, for example: Fire or flood
  • Professional fees incurred that are necessary for the reinstatement from damages, for example architects’ or surveyors’ fees
  • Loss of perishable inventory in freezer or refrigerator that might have been caused by equipment failures
  • Loss of revenue or profit during the period of business interruption

Types of business that should get property all risks insurance​

  1. Businesses that operates out of a commercial or industrial property
  2. Businesses that interact with customers in person

Why does property all risks insurance​ matter

In the event that an incident causes damages to your business premises, this insurance will reduce the impact of the damages and help the business to recover in a shorter amount of time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Property insurance covers not just fires and floods but also thefts and water leakages. All of these are beyond your control and could happen to your neighbour’s premises in a commercial building, that could still render your unit unusable. When any of these occurs, the financial cost is not just damages and restoration, but also business interruption. Hence having insurance mitigates the impact. 

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