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If your company’s directors or officers come under fire, are you prepared for business as usual? Protect your company and cover your losses with directors and officers Insurance.



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What is directors & officers insurance

Directors and Officers insurance provides liability coverage for companies and the directors and officers operating within the business.

In the event where the directors or officers of the company makes a decision that results in them or the company being sued by internal or external claimants, this insurance will cover losses incurred from a wrongful act by an insured person.

Cover starts from HKD 11,471 per year.

What does directors & officers insurance cover

D&O covers a wide range of costs in the event of claim or investigation on the insured, such as:

  • Legal costs
  • Loss incurred from civil fines and penalties
  • Public relation expenses
  • Reputation protection expenses

Types of business that should get directors & officers insurance

  • Directors, officers and anyone who holds management and fiduciary responsibilities and makes authorised management decisions for the business
  • Companies that have or are planning to have external investors, such as venture capital firms
  • Companies that have regulatory or reporting requirements

Why does directors & officers insurance matter

  • In the course of running and growing a business, directors, officers or managers might make certain human errors resulting in wrongful acts or decisions. D&O insurance covers the insured for certain financial consequences that might result
  • The impact of perceived wrongful acts or decisions are not just limited to financial areas. Occurrences that impact the brand and reputation of the business could also cause a claim against the directors and officers of the company

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For an SME, being served with a lawsuit can be a daunting and stressful event for the company and the individuals managing it. Directors and officers’ insurance can mitigate the exposures involved.

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