Affiliates Program:
Success Story #2

2 minute read

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The newly launched Sleek Affiliates Program allow anyone to refer and earn a 10% commission  over a 5 year period. 


Today, we would like to share with you a short interview from one of our top earning affiliates, InCorporate from Singapore, who will tell us about their experience being a Sleek Affiliates partner. Read more below! 

Can you please introduce yourself?

Hello! We are ! We are the tripadvisor entrepreneurs. We help them select the best services to start their company in Singapore. There are over 200 hundreds reviews of corporate secretary, accounting and taxes services, legal, banks companies in Singapore that can help entrepreneurs to start quickly.

How did you find out about us?

We were reviewing all the corporate secretary, accounting and taxes services; this includes legal and banks companies that were based in Singapore. Sleek happens to match our needs!

How did you find out about the Affiliates program?

We both reached out to each other thus it was a very direct network.

Are you currently a Sleek Customer?

Yes we still are! 

Why did you recommend Sleek to your network?

The types of services that Sleek offers are good for digital entrepreneurs. 

How did you recommend Sleek to your network?

We decided to refer Sleek from our own website, and it worked! 

How was the referral process? Did you find it easy or difficult?

It was alright but need more visibility.

What are your plans for this year? Any exciting news you would like to share?

There are more and more entrepreneurs from around the world that wishes to start their business in Singapore. And they can create their company in Singapore thanks to all the great ecosystem that exist here.

Find out more about InCorporate and what they do here!

Help companies go paperless for their compliance and accounting needs! Find out more about the Sleek Affiliates program here. Sign up and start earning commission today!


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