Case study: Recruitment firm, Neofelis partners with Sleek for corporate services

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When you’re in the middle of huge growth, you have to be ruthless with how you spend your time. Read on to learn Neofelis’ story.

A company that specialises in searching for the best talent

Neofelis is a Singapore-based company that delivers technology leaders, regional management and sales directors to businesses in APAC. The company specialises in finding CxO leaders for companies from seed-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Serial entrepreneur and founder Eduardo de Barros realised that Neofelis was growing at speed, and decided to delegate company secretary and accounting so that he could focus on the core of the business.

The search for a trusted partner

“Sleek is automating the standard tasks to be as fast and efficient as possible, and leaves the experienced employees able to answer my questions regarding non-standard tasks, and still deliver on time.”

Initially, Eduardo was finding it difficult to manage the accounting paperwork on Xero. Bookkeeping was also becoming a challenge and dealing with the large amount of  receipts and paperwork on Xero was time-consuming work.

First and foremost, Eduardo was looking for a trusted partner who would answer swiftly to any requests so they could do their executive search without being disturbed. He also prioritised quality of communication in every engagement – so that there was certainty that all parties were being understood.

Eduardo says he met Adrien (Sleek’s cofounder and CEO) at a technology networking event – and the rest, as they say, was history.

Saying goodbye to hours of bookkeeping and expense claims

In addition to using Sleek as his company’s company secretary, Eduardo also signed Neofelis up to Sleek’s Slim accounting plan and the company’s accounts were given a deep clean.

After the company’s Xero subscription was assigned to Sleek (the Slim plan comes with a free subscription to Xero), Neofelis’ accounts were reconstructed and all documents – from receipts to invoices to bank statements – were digitized.

Additionally, all transactions on Xero were recorded and updated, and all expense claims entered and taken care of.

The Sleek team also got Eduardo up and running on ReceiptBank as part of the Slim plan, which automates collecting, processing and publishing receipts and invoices into Xero – at one point entering up to 20 to 30 receipts a day!

Free to grow with a trusted partner taking care of the back office

“Everything they said they would do, they delivered on, on time and with a smile. As simple as that.”

Initially Eduardo was very skeptical, having transferred from another company secretary with sub-optimal service. Things are different with Sleek, and Eduardo says he’s now free to continue his expansion and building his team.

Want to learn more about our featured business? Check the Neofelis website.

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