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Sleek partners with independent auditors to complete the annual audit and tax filing process with skill and accuracy.

From preparing audited financial statements to performing the audit and tax filing, get ready to receive incredible support from our independent auditors.
Go digital and have access to audit information on the fly. Our online services also decrease odd costs and may provide long-term process improvements.

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Fast, transparent auditing at your fingertips

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Easily access documents on the platform. Sleek team has always been very prompt in providing advice.

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Highly recommended to anyone starting a company so that they can focus on their product growth.

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Sleek has been seamless and easy to use. It is fuss-free and customer service has been really good.

Daniel Ong Co-founder, Mbanq LABS

Sleek stood out to us because of the prompt replies that they gave whenever we needed help.

Mareen Liang Co-founder, Kombynation

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    Reviews on Google

    Benson Cheng, our preferred auditor

    Benson Cheng has over 10 years of experience in assurance and taxation services gained from a number of accounting firms in Hong Kong. He has extensive experience in various industries including food and beverage, health care, engineering, transportation, e-commerce, investments and trading.


    He is currently a practicing member of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The purpose of an audit is for an independent auditor to examine and analyse the financial documents of a business entity. The examination and analysis are based on the evaluation of the financial statements and record. The examination will lead to an audit opinion/report on whether the company has been compliant and in accordance with the Hong Kong accounting framework.
    Having an unbiased opinion on the financial status of your business entity is extremely important. The audit is done through an independent auditor obtaining the opening and close trial balance and checking through every transaction. After the process, the auditor will determine whether each transaction is required for the business operation. Learn more details on the Hong Kong audit in an article here.
    Resources and time are the common limitations of an audit. The resource depends on the complexity of the business and system. Large corporations with complex structures can hinder the auditor’s ability to grasp a good overview of the financial status. Time constraints can also affect the quality of audit works and reports.
    Sleek is dedicated to helping our clients indicate offshore profit tax exemption claim in their tax return to the IRD. However, Sleek will not be able to cover client in answering any immediate, or after period questions from IRD regarding the specifics and details on the status of the company.

    *Separate quote and charges apply on case by case basis

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