Accounting software subscription - yay or nay?

How many subscription services do you have? Do you have a streaming service subscription (or maybe a few?), one for the gym, a daily workout one, or even one for a food service? 

Isn’t it a comfortable way of getting premium services without paying a big bill?

Well, at Sleek we also like making things easy for our customers so we also offer an accounting software subscription. 

Why do we like this model and recommend adding it to your list of subscriptions? 


Because this is the best way to access, record and monitor your company’s day-to-day financial transactions from anywhere.

We think an accounting software subscription is so important, that we have included it in all our accounting pricing plans. 

So now you don’t have to worry about paying for an accounting software subscription, it’s on us!

What are the benefits of accounting software subscriptions?

That’s enough of a rant from us, we’ll now tell you why we think this subscription is so important to your business.

  • Bank feeds

What if we told you, you don’t have to enter any transactions into your accounting software, your software will do it all for you?


How it works is you allow your bank to feed all your business account transactions into your accounting software. You then create new transactions or match bank transactions to your accounting transactions.

But wait there’s more! 

This up-to-date information allows you to see your business’ financial position at any time.

  • Access anywhere

One of the beauties about cloud computing, is you can access your accounting software from a web browser or an app on your phone, anywhere, any device and at any time. 

Had a great idea about your business in the middle of the night? No problem, look at your financial position from your mobile! 

  • Cloud keeps it secure

Data in the cloud is likely to be more secure than the files you have stored on your computer. 

Why? Because cloud accounting companies rely on strong cybersecurity measures to protect your sensitive data (it’s their business, after all).

The information sent up to the cloud is encrypted so only people with a login (and you control this) can view your data.

  • Multi-user access

There is no software to load onto a computer, so anyone you give access to your accounting system can login and work on your files. 

This is why Sleek loves it so much. We can work on your accounting system and we can collaborate online with you, your business partners, employees and trusted advisors. 

  • No need to backup

Because your data is stored in the cloud, there is no need to spend the time backing up your files or worrying about the last time it was backed up.

  • Add more to your accounting software

There are so many add-ons you can use to complement your accounting software to make it even more powerful. 

There’s industry related apps – for ecommerce, point of sale apps for retailers, there are payroll apps, CRM apps – the world is your oyster.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We’ll help you with this when the time comes. 

Need we say more? An accounting software subscription is the way to go. Let’s get you set up quick smart. Call Sleek on +61 2 9100 0481 or contact us

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