We raised USD $14M in Series A, to propel product, hiring, and expansion initiatives

The Sleek team is incredibly excited to announce that we have secured $14M in Series A funding, led by Jungle Ventures and White Star Capital. This is allowing us to strengthen tech and product development, expand our presence in existing and new markets, and obviously keep on hiring an amazing team!

We’re on a mission

Sleek’s mission is to make the lives of entrepreneurs and investors easier since its 2017 inception in Singapore by our co-founders Julien Labruyere and Adrien Barthel. Since then, our platform has grown to become the operating system every business owner needs, including company secretary, bookkeeping, payroll, tax advisory and employment visa service. We have assisted more than 5,000 happy companies seeking to spend less time on their back office operations in order to focus on what they do best and love the most: building their business!

What’s next for us

The recent launch of our Business Account was an important milestone on our product roadmap. Entrepreneurs and small business owners can now open a deposit account through our platform, and completely sidestep the cumbersome paperwork requirements—and lengthy processes—that come with opening a business account in a traditional financial institution. Each company’s account details can be easily managed from our dashboard, alongside other company financial information gathered via Sleek’s bookkeeping and accounting services. More services will be launched very soon, starting with the ability to issue debit cards to accompany this business account offering.

“With the launch of Sleek Business Account, we have added a major brick in our product vision of building the Operating System for entrepreneurs,” shares Adrien, our co-founder and Chief Growth Officer. “Gone are the days where you needed to navigate between your corporate secretary, accountant and bank relationship manager – often sending hard copies of documents via courier. Now everyone can start a Singapore company and collect the first payments in a day, and from anywhere in the world!”

The Sleek Business Account is the only account smart enough to do your bookkeeping, too. We’re hoping this product will make our clients’ finances smoother, simpler, and more efficient. By further digitalizing the financial workflow, we can cut out the need for integration between apps, as accounting, taxes, bookkeeping, governance, and more can now be done all in one place.

Now that’s Sleek.

Entering new grounds

Although Sleek started in Singapore, our team has since opened offices in Hong Kong and the Philippines—and we’re not stopping there.

We recently opened our Australian office last September with Anton Stanish, an experienced leader of high growth digital businesses, to spearhead operations down under. We hope to bring the same Sleek DNA of enabling smarter work through technology, while supporting our clients with a delightful customer experience.

In addition, we have acquired Ltd Companies, a market leader in UK incorporation management, as we expand into the United Kingdom market. The company has incorporated more than 450,000 companies since its foundation in 2005. Our platform will be deployed to the existing Ltd Companies clients, building a holistic SME operating system for UK-based entrepreneurs and businesses.

“We are excited at the prospect of discovering the unique pain points experienced in the Australian and European markets for the sole purpose of providing a solution with Sleek. We aim to improve our product further in order to become the go-to digital platform for all entrepreneurs, everywhere,” shares our co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Julien Labruyere.

Eric Martineau-Fortin, Founder and Managing Partner at White Star Capital, shares Sleek’s global vision, saying, “I believe we can be an excellent partner to Sleek and leverage our global footprint to help supercharge their growth into Europe and Australia.”

Growing #TeamSleek, one superstar at a time

With new initiatives comes the need for new talent. From product managers to corporate secretary executives to data analytics interns, Sleek is looking to grow rapidly across all teams in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and the United Kingdom.

We pride ourselves on being a fast-paced, start-up environment, where managers value ownership and accountability. The company’s advancement and success are a result of individual efforts working as a collective. We are looking to onboard more of these talented, creative individuals who want to contribute to the growth of the company.

Above all, we seek new team members who embody our core values—Simplicity, Loyalty, Entrepreneurship, Excellence and Kindness—to join our all-star team and help build the platform for greater impact. Should you be interested in joining us, please check out our career site or send us your resume at [email protected]!

The big picture

With fresh funds and a growing team that’s 210 strong, we are looking to expand with full force ahead. We believe in companies being a force for good, and we are constantly aiming to spread that good to entrepreneurs and small businesses. That’s why we do our utmost to offer our surrounding communities everything a business needs, all on one platform.

Don’t take our word for it, hear from David Gowdey, Managing Partner of Jungle Ventures, who sums it up well: “Sleek addresses the deeply underserved challenge of back office management for entrepreneurs and SMEs globally. Their growth across geographies, and rapid expansion, is testament to the accelerated adoption of the platform and the value it brings to the ecosystem. It’s a fantastic business with a tremendous growth potential.”

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