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1. (of an object) having an elegant, streamlined shape or design.

"his sleek black car slid through the traffic"

synonyms: streamlined, trim, elegant, graceful

"the car's sleek lines"

2. (of a person) having a wealthy and well-groomed appearance.

"his sleek and elegant sisters"

synonyms: well groomed, stylish, wealthy-looking, suave, sophisticated, debonair

3. (of hair, fur, or skin) smooth and glossy.

"he was tall, with sleek, dark hair"

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Sleek (continued)


synonyms: smooth, glossy, shiny, shining, lustrous, silken, silky

"his sleek dark hair"

4. (of a person or animal) having smooth, glossy skin, hair, or fur, often taken as a sign

of physical fitness.

"a sleek black cat"

5. ingratiating; unctuous.

"she gave Guy a sleek smile to underline her words"


2. make (the hair) smooth and glossy, typically by applying pressure or moisture to it.

"her black hair was sleeked down"

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