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Sleek Corporation is a Texas-based company founded in 1993. Our journey began creating Algorithm-Based™ tutorial and test-preparation software for the Texas TAAS test. Our offerings have since evolved and expanded to cover the Texas TAKS, Florida FCAT, Illinois ISAT, and more.

We have spent the past 5 years in planning, research, design, and programming of our flagship web-based educational solution, MySatori™. This exceptional on-line program, which officially launched March 14, 2007, allows teachers and students to access it wherever they have an Internet connection. It currently includes our time-tested test-preparation content, and we look forward to adding more offerings as we grow to meet the needs of all educators. Please visit the MySatori™ website for more information about our current offerings.

If you are an educational publisher or a district wishing to add your own content to MySatori™'s powerful online interface, please contact Chad Threet to dicscuss the possibilities!

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